Farmville 2 Free Gifts plus Feeds (May 26th)

Here’s more gifts for you and your friends with Farmville 2 Free GIFTS plus Feeds! Take and enjoy these helpful items for your home and farm given today Friday (May 26th). Claim these premium free gifts that you can share and tag with your friends. Increase the production and upgrade your kitchen with these gifts. Cook more at your kitchen and craft more in your workshop. Take care of your garden with these gifts. Then from there, you can click it to obtain and use them. Share these gifts with your friends and don’t forget to like our page.

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Farmville 2 Free Mystery Gifts Friday (May 26th)

Hey it’s lucky Friday Farmville 2 Free Gifts Giveaway! Have the best of luck in opening these free gifts where you can get exclusive upgrades for your home and kitchen. Share these free gifts with your friends for today (May 26th). Improve your cooking skills so that you can cook more advance recipes by getting the necessary items for your kitchen. There’s also kitchen supplies like salt, pepper and more. Please share these GIFTS with your friends so that they too can also get these awesome gifts.

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Farmville 2 Thursday Free Mystery Gifts (May 25th)

Here are your latest and exclusive FARMVILLE 2 FREE GIFTS! for today Thursday (May 25th). Find out what premium items you’ll get for your kitchen. On these gift box, you can get items that will help you to improve your kitchen. You can get kitchen upgrades plus there’s also fro workshop upgrades. Enjoy spending the free gift certificates that you ill get from these gift boxes. Please note that these GIFTS can be shared to your friends so that they can also get these awesome gifts. These are for Thursday (May 18th). Join our Facebook Farmville 2 group HERE.

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Farmville 2 Free Gifts Wednesday Giveaway (May 24th)

Claim here the latest Farmville 2 FREE GIFTS that were given today Wednesday (May 24th). Get exclusive items for you and for our friends that can be used in kitchen or workshop. There are also free gifts that can be use to upgrade your kitchen so that you can cook more of your favorite recipes. There’s also a chance to get exclusive gifts for you cooking needs like spices, salt, pepper and more. Plus, you can also get gift certificates that you can use. Like, share tag these gifts with your friends. Join our Farmville 2 Group.

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Farmville 2 For Keep-Sake! Quests Guide

Mission Objective: Our county doesn’t have any souvenirs for visitors to take back with them in Farmville 2 For Keep-Sake! Quests. Here you can find all the information you will need in completing this Farmville 2 Quests. This guide will help you complete all the stages as you can preview them ahead. This mission is available from May 23 to June 6.

For Keep-Sake! Quests 1

Quests 1: Farmville 2 Long-Term Memory!


Long-Term Memory

Perform 5 helpful actions on Neighbor farms.
Collect 15 Water.
Water 15 Pepino Melons.


30 exp 350 coins

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