Farmville 2 Cool-ing Solutions Quests

Mission Objective: It’s gotten so hot now that my guests at the B&B have started complaining in Farmville 2 Cool-ing Solutions Quests. We have here a complete guide of this Farmville 2 Quests. Prepare and plan ahead with this guide. The Farmville 2 Cool-ing Solutions Quests is available from June 27 to July 11.

Quest 1: Sticky Situation


Gather 15 Water
Fertilize 15 Violet Romulea
Feed 3 Adult Rabbits


Quest 2: Fan-tastic


Collect 5 Foldable Fans
Harvest 20 Pumpkins
Make 5 Goat Cheese Tarts


Quest 3: Citrus Surprise


Harvest 4 Orange Trees
Gather 20 Power
Do 1 Pearl Diving Job


Quest 4:


Collect 5 Window Tinting Sheets
Harvest 25 Violet Romulea’s
Make 3 Violet Romulea Rings


Quest 5: The Great Unwind


Gather 30 Milk Bottles
Harvest 4 Pecan Trees
Make 3 Facial Soaps


Quest 6: Sweet Tooth


Tend your Fertilizer Bin 2 Times
Harvest 25 Strawberries
Make 5 Strawberry Cream Crumbles


Quest 7: Ice Ice Doggie


Collect 5 Ice Packs
Feed 8 Adult Horses
Go Fishing 5 Times


Quest 8: Charmed


Tend your Mud Wallow 2 Times
Harvest 30 Sunflowers
Make 4 Suncatchers

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