Castleville A Pirate’s Debt Quests Guide

Castleville A Pirate’s Debt Quests

(Sonja’s Questline)

Sonja is in debt! as Zynga’s Castleville is set to release this mission as players will help Sonja pay off her dues in Castleville A Pirate’s Debt Quest. It’s a seven part mission plus a bonus one. There a couple of crafting here in this quests so we better prepare the ingredients that we will be using for the recipe. Players who are from 16 and above will automatically receive this quest once it is released.

Quest 1: Castleville Pirate In Debt!

– It was mighty kind of Yvette to patch my sail with her petticoat!


Tend 5 Flowers

Buy 3 new Decos

  • Buy any decoration from the Market, any decoration will do.

Have 5 Care Packages to show Yvette you care (ask Friends for Care Packages)


40 xp, 2000 coins


Quest 2: Castleville Pay Up!

– It’s the Pirate Code! I’ve got to find a way to repay Rafael for coming to my rescue when the storm sunk my ship. But how?


Place 6 Trees for Rafael to chop

Water 6 Saplings

  • Sampling are like baby trees you can buy one at the Market.

Craft 6 Iron Axes


40 xp, 2000 coins


Quest 3: Castleville Gloom Costs

– How can I repay Alastair for his fancy hocus-pocus fending off the Beasties? Got any grand ideas?


Have 5 Chicken Meat

  • Drop from tending Chicken by good chance

Craft 5 Ropes

Have 3 Wolf Bait

  • Wolf Bait are crafted in the Kitchen


50 xp, 2500 coins


Quest 4: Castleville Food for Thought

– The Duke was a big help when my ship went down so the least we can do is cook him up a big feast! Pirate style!


Craft 6 Bubbly Grog

Craft 3 Fish Fillets for the Duke’s feast

Craft 3 Saucy Tarts 


40 xp, 2000 coins


Quest 5: Castleville Something for Everyone!

– It’s the Pirate’s Way to help them that help you.


Craft 2 Slime Dissolvers to help George clean up

Craft 5 Cotton Cloths so George can dry himself off

  • Must have a Studio first before crafting in the Studio

Craft 5 Batter for an edible skin treatment

  • Must have a Mill before in can be crafted in the Kitchen


40 xp, 2000 coins


Quest 6: Castleville This is FashionVille!

– I’ve got Izadora to thank for my fancy new pirate garb.


Craft 3 Leather

Craft 3 Dye Kits to give the leather some pizzazz

Craft 6 Wool Cloths


65 xp, 3250 coins


Quest 7: Castleville Cook it Off!

– Aye, it makes a pirate proud to have a good friend like Mia.


Craft 7 Flour Sacks

Craft 10 Sticks of Butter

Have 10 Bottles of Milk 


50 xp, 2500 coins


Quest 8: Castleville A Pirate in Debt

– A surprise dinner for me! Thrown… by… EVERYONE?! But my debts..


Craft 3 Fried Fish

Have 2 Carrot Cakes

Have 6 Bubbly Grog


40 xp, 2000 coins

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