Castleville Anything You Can Do Mission Text Guide

 Castleville Anything You Can Do Mission

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Castleville has just released this new Fairy Game Quest the Castleville Anything You can do Mission. It’s a seven part quest that includes The Game Plan, A Big Bash, Pipe Down, Putting Around, Sub Par, Spill the Beans and A Hill of Beans.

Anything You Can Do Quest 1: Castleville The Game Plan

– We can have our own Fairy Games here! They’re my favorite thing EVER next to flying and Potions and Pumpkins and my best friend Sylphie and…

Place the Fairy Games Tent
Craft and place the Pinata Game
Craft 1 Bottle of Ink
30 xp, 1500 coins

Anything You Can Do Quest 2: Castleville A Big Bash

– It’s time for our first Fairy Game: Pinata Game! It’s only my FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME!

Craft 1 Pinata Game Ticket
Play the Pinata Game 2 times
Whack a Practice Dummy 3 times
1 Hyper Craft, 30 xp, 1500 coins

Anything You Can Do Quest 3: Castleville Pipe Down

– The Fairy Games are more than just contests. There’s music, food, dancing… all sorts of amazing activities!

Craft 1 Bubbly Grog
Craft 2 Flaxseed Oil
Tend 3 Flowers
20 xp, 1000 coins

Anything You Can Do Quest 4: Castleville Putting Around

– The next game is Fairy Golf. Some Fairies, like Sylphie, take this one pretty seriously. But I just like to play for fun!

Craft and place Fairy Golf
Have 2 Cotton Cloth
Visit 5 Neighbors
30 xp, 1500 coins

Anything You Can Do Quest 5: Castleville Sub Par?

– Let’s see those Fairy Golf skills! I’m sure you’ll be great at this just like you’re great at EVERYTHING!

Play Fairy Golf 2 times
Craft 1 Steel Bar
Harvest 5 Cotton
1 Gold Brick, 30 xp, 1500 coins

Anything You Can Do Quest 6: Castleville Spill the Beans

– The Bean Bag Toss is SO MUCH FUN. I can’t think of a better way to end the Fairy Games!

Craft and place Bean Bag Toss
Harvest 15 Magic Beans
Clear 2 Grass
1 Big Energy Potion, 35 xp, 1750 coins

Anything You Can Do Quest 7: Castleville A Hill of Beans

– This is it! The ultimate challenge Fairy Games: Bean Bag Toss! I hope you have good aim!

Play Bean Bag Toss 4 times
Win 4 Animals from Bean Bag Toss
Win 1 Nature Item from Bean Bag Toss
35 xp, 1750 coins


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