Castleville Criminally Shy Quest Guide

Criminally Shy

A new limited time Castleville Quests will be released this August. This will be called Castleville Criminally Shy Quests. It is a short 5 part quests on which you will be working with Sal. There will be some crafting part so prepare ahead the materials and ingredients.


A Desperate Plea

 Quests 1: A Desperate Plea


Have 3 Deducto Dusts to help Sal prepare his Detective Costume.

Chop Down 4 trees to make some space for the preparations.

Craft 1 Brain Food to help Sal focus on his deductions


40 exp 2000 coins


The Perfect Guise

Quests 2: The Perfect Guise


Craft 1 Detective Clothes to make Sal look the part.

Tax 6 Houses to get some money to make the outfit.

Craft 1 Parchment to note down any important points of the case.


40 exp, 2000 coins


A Map Most Detailed

 Quest 3: A Map Most Detailed


Craft 1 Locatio Map to determine the mysterious sender’s location.

Craft 1 Candles to facilitate reading.

Gather 3 Berries for a light snack.


40 exp, 2000 coins


A Blunder Unintended

Quest 4: A Blunder Unintended


Plant 8 Birch Saplings as per the letters instructions.

Craft 5 Mortars to act as the centerpiece for the spell.

Gather 2 Alchemist Powder to sprinkle over the layout as shown in the instructions.


40 exp, 2000 coins


The Usual Suspect

Quest 5: The Usual Suspect


Craft 2 Pair of Dice to help Sal confirm his suspicion.

Craft 3 Cotton Cloths to ascertain if the sender is a fake or in disguise.

Craft 1 Locatio Map as a separate one to recheck the sender’s location.


40 exp, 2000 coins

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