Castleville Halloween Treats Mission (Mia Quest)

Castleville Halloween Treats (Mia Quest)

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Come celebrate Halloween and help Mia on preparing treats on Castleville Halloween Treats Quest. These are one part or other half of the Castleville halloween Quests for this will be about treats and will be Mia’s quest line. It will have a 5 part which includes building and finishing the Haunted House. Rewards for finishing missions will be part of a complete Scare Crow costume for your character.

Halloween Treats Quest 1: Castleville Wanted: House

– You know what would really put your Kingdom in the Halloween spirit? A Haunted House and a big ol’ Pumpkin patch!


Place Haunted House in your Kingdom

Plant 8 Pumpkins for Halloween decoration


Male Scarecrow Hat, Female Scarecrow Hat, 20 xp, 1000 coins


Halloween Treats Quest 2: Castleville It’s a Tarp!

– C’mon Honey, let’s get started on your new Haunted House and rustle up some surprises for the trick-or-treaters!


Have 6 Halloween Taffy

Feed 10 Chickens

Finish 1 section of the Haunted House


35 xp, 1750 coins


Halloween Treats Quest 3: Castleville A Craven Cravin’

– Maybe the Duke will be a bigger help on your Haunted House if we cook him some Pumpkin Gumbo!


Collect1 time from the Haunted House

Buy 1 Decoration from the Market

Craft 2 Pumpkin Gumbo


1 Male Scarecrow Pants, 1 Female Scarecrow Pants, 35 xp, 1750 coins


Halloween Treats Quest 4: Castleville House Of The Bread

– Let’s build that Haunted House to the next stage. Soon enough it’ll be shootin’ out more Halloween Party Favors!


Banish 3 Beasties

Finish building the second section of the Haunted House

Craft 2 Pumpkin Bread


1 Male Scarecrow Shirt, 1 Female Scarecrow Shirt, 35 xp, 1750 coins


Halloween Treats Quest 5: Castleville Chef de Queasy

– Alrighty, Darlin’. Let’s put the finishing touches on your Haunted House, and get ready for those trick-or-treaters!


Finish building the last section of the Haunted House

Craft 1 Plate of Spaghetti

Visit 5 Neighbors


1 Male Scarecrow Mask, 1 Female Scarecrow Mask, 35 xp, 1750 coins


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