Castleville Hazel’s New Pet Quests Guide

Castleville Hazel’s New Pet Quests

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Help Hazel to train her new pet in this Castleville Hazel’s New Pet Quests. We will help and brief Hazel on how to raise and keep a pet. Players must be atleast level 26 to start this mission. It will have 9 stages and most of the requirements are crafting an item so we better prepare ahead the ingredients or materials that will be used.

Quest 1: Castleville Pet Show-and-Tell

– Now that I have decided to get a pet, I don’t know what kind to get…


Have 1 Regal Kennel

Craft 5 Parchments

Sell 5 Items

– Sell items in your Kingdom or from your Inventory.


85 xp, 4250 coins


Quest 2: Castleville Pet Picker

– Having a pet is going to be so great! We need to start getting ready for it!


Craft 3 Ice Cream

Craft 3 Spicy Sausages

Have 5 Wolf Bait 


2 Sunripen Spell, 105 xp, 5250 coins


Quest 3: Castleville Hungry Like a Wolf

– Now that We are almost ready, you should make sure that your Kingdom is safe for my pet.


Sell 10 Grapes

Sell 10 Cocoa

Clear 5 Grass


65 xp, 3250 coins


Quest 4: Castleville Coming Clean

– No one likes a dirty pet! I will need some supplies to keep my pet clean!


Have 6 Pails of Water

Craft 3 Xtra Strong Cleansers

Craft 4 Wool Cloth


85 xp, 4250 coins


Quest 5: Castleville Out On a Leash

– It is almost here! Now where did my leash and collar go?


Craft 6 Ropes

Craft 5 Leathers

Have 15 Wood Logs


5 Ice Fence, 85 xp, 4250 coins


Quest 6: Castleville Keeping Busy

– Whew! Training pets takes a lot out of you. I need more things to keep my pet busy.


Have 5 Animal Bones

– Banish Beasties to gather Animal Bones.

Craft 2 Chew Toy

Have 5 Chicken Meat

– Feed adult Chickens to find Chicken Meat.


85 xp, 4250 coins


Quest 7: Castleville Checking Up!

– Did you know that pets can get destructive if they get bored? Not that my pet would do something like that…


Visit 5 Neighbors’ Kingdoms

Feed 10 Chickens

Buy 3 new Decos

– Buy Decorations in the Decor tab of the Market.


65 xp, 3250 coins


Quest 8: Castleville Checking Up!: Part 2

– No, I am sure that my pet was not destructive! But if you must… go ahead and look around to be sure.


Have 6 Scrub Brushes

Tax 10 Houses

Feed 10 Cows in your Kingdom


65 xp, 3250 coins


Quest 9: Castleville Old Wolf, New Tricks…

– What do you mean you didn’t like my pets’ new trick! They’re adorable when they are mean!


Harvest 15 Ears of Corn

Cast the Charm Gloom Wolf Spell 3 times


2 Icy Torch, 85 xp, 4250 coins


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