Castleville Mage Academy 5: Astral Hall Quests Guide

Castleville Mage Academy 5 Astral Hall

Explore the wilderness to unlock the new Castleville Mage Academy 5 the Castleville Astral Hall Quests. This is the fifth installment of the Mage academy series. There is a new spell that will be introduced for the first time the Teleportation spell. Players will need to prepare ahead the materials for crafting to breeze through this Castleville Quests easily.

Quests 1: Castleville Happy Explorer!

[alert style=”white”]The Astral Hall holds some of our most powerful magic. We took extra care to keep it safe from Faugrimm[/alert]


Explore your Kingdom to find the Mage Academy Astral Hall in the Gloom!

Investigate the Astral Hall


20 xp, 4000 coins


Quests 2: Castleville Puff of Smoke

[alert style=”white”]If we’re going to summon the Astral Hall back to your Kingdom, You’ll need to practice the basics with an easier spell first.[/alert]


Collect 3 Wizard’s Cloaks

Prepare 1 Conjuration Spell

Use 1 Weed-B-Gones


50 xp, 2500 coins


Quests 3: Castleville Practice makes perfect

[alert style=”white”]Time for some heavy lifting! We need to summon the Astral Hall back to your Kingdom soon, before Faugrimm has had time to mine its deepest secrets![/alert]


Clear 5 Bushes

Collect 5 Pails of Water

Cast Summon Structure Spell 1 time


50 xp, 2500 coins, 1 Small Energy


Quests 4: Castleville It’s all about Protection

[alert style=”white”]That ugly Gloom Tornado HAS to go! Prepare for some SERIOUS bad weather, this could take a while![/alert]


Collect 8 Gummy Boots

Collect 4 Beeswax

Use Weed-B-Gone 5 times


50 xp, 2500 coins


Quests 5: Castleville Banish the Storm

[alert style=”white”]You will need to keep your wits about you to rid us of that Gloom Tornado! Let’s go![/alert]


Banish the Gloom Tornado to protect your Astral Hall

Banish 2 Beasties

Craft 2 Sweet Buns


50 xp, 2500 coins


Quests 6: Castleville Laboratory Labor

[alert style=”white”]That tornado tore through the Astral Hall’s supply closet – much of its vital equipment was blown away![/alert]


Craft 3 Magic Carpets

Use 10 Weed-B-Gone

Restock your lab by buying 3 Decorations in your Kingdom


1 Conjuration Spell, 50 xp, 2500 coins


Quests 7: Castleville Shore it up

[alert style=”white”]Faugrimm’s not going to give up on the Astral Hall without a fight. If we work together, we can protect the Hall from future invasions![/alert]


Craft 3 Storm Wards

Upgrade the Astral Hall

  • Click on the Astral Hall to see what parts it will need for the upgrade

Collect 3 Disappearance Dust


50 xp, 2500 coins


Quests 8: Castleville Blip

[alert style=”white”]Now that the Astral Hall is back, I can teach you one of my favorite spells! The secret of self-teleportation is closely guarded, so learn well![/alert]


Use Weed-B-Gone 12 times

Cast the Teleportation Spell

Craft Teleportation Tethers

  • The Teleportation Tether can be crafted in your Studio


1 Winky, 65 xp, 3250 coins


Quests 9: Castleville In-n-Out

[alert style=”white”]Teleportation is a powerful spell, but it can also come in handy for daily chores![/alert]


Craft 4 Teleportation Tethers

Tend 7 Flowers

Collect taxes from 7 Houses


1 Winky, 65 xp, 3250 coins


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