Castleville Old Timers Quests Guide

Old Timers Quests

They maybe old but they can still kick some beasties and it’s there turn in Castleville Old Timers Quests. It is a short 5 stage Castleville Quests that will feature our senior men and they will show they’re skills. We will also need to build a fortress plus crafting tasks. Be sure to share this guide with your friends.

Rare Resources
Quest 1: Castleville Rare Resources


Gather 3 Mythrilite ore for the building blocks.

Have 5 Stones. This fort can’t be built on thin air!

Place the base of the fortress. This is going to be a monumental effort!


CV XP40 exp CV Coins2000 coins


Prickly Tricks

Quest 2: Castleville Prickly Tricks


Craft 1 Mythrilite Spike Trap. Let’s put holes in those Beasties!

Craft 1 Bag of Nails to make the trap extra spiky!

Craft 1 Iron Bar to make those spikes extra large.


CV XP40 exp CV Coins2000 coins


Familial Revelations

Quest 3: Castleville Familial Revelations


Build the second stage of the Alliance Fortress. Let’s get to work on those towers!

Craft 2 Mortars. Let’s grind those boulders already!

Craft 6 Stone Blocks. We want those towers as high as can be!


CV XP40 exp CV Coins 2000 coins



Quest 4: Castleville Reversals


Craft 1 Mythrilite Bolt Scorpion. Let’s poke those beasties out of hiding!

Craft 2 Hammers to fix the Scorpion in place.

Build the third stage of the Alliance Fortress. Weapon mounts incoming!


CV XP40 exp CV Coins2000 coins


One and the Same

Quest 5: Castleville One and the Same


Build the final stage of the Alliance Fortress. Lady Barbara will think twice before attacking us now!

Craft 10 Wood Planks in case we need to barricade the windows!

Craft 3 Fortified Stone Blocks. This Fort needs to be strong as a mountain!


CV XP40 exp CV Coins2000 coins

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