Castleville Phoenix Aviculture Quest Guide

Castleville Phoenix Aviculture Quest

This is Alistair quest line that will start after quest 1 of the Castleville Take Flight with the Phoenix. This is a four part missions where Alistair recollects his childhood where during that time raising Phoenix was quite difficult for a commoner but with the use of some magic it can be done. Alistair will be our guide through out this Castleville Phoenix Aviculture Quest.

Phoenix Aviculture Quest 1: Castleville Seeded Learning

– The feeding magic requires fruit from the Blazefruit Tree. Thankfully I still have some seeds from my time as a student.


Place the base of the Blazefruit Tree in your Kingdom

Mine 3 times in your Kingdom

Collect from your Fire Burners 1 times


20 xp, 1000 coins


Phoenix Aviculture Quest 2: Castleville Fire Sprout

– With your Blazefruit Tree planted, we need to make sure it grows healthy enough to bear fruit.


Finish building the Blazefruit Tree

Have 3 Trowels to help your tree grow strong

Collect 5 Pails of Water


20 xp, 1000 coins


Phoenix Aviculture Quest 3: Castleville A Perfect Nest

– Raising a Phoenix is also made difficult for mundane reasons too. A Phoenix tends to be very picky about their surroundings.


Upgrade the Blazefruit Tree

Craft 1 Fish Fillet

Purchase and place 5 decorations


30 xp, 1500 coins


Phoenix Aviculture Quest 4: Castleville Hot or Cold?

– All Phoenixes are immune to extreme temperatures. In fact, they quite like them!


Complete the final upgrade of the Blazefruit Tree

Craft 2 Flaming Swords

Craft 2 Ice Cream


5 Phoenix Feed, 30 xp, 1500 coins

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