Castleville Phoenix Rising Quests Guide

Castleville Phoenix Rising Quests

Castleville take flight with Phoenix has just been released! Players will now have the chance to complete the Castleville Phoenix Rising Quests. Sal will be hosting this one as we will be using our spell book once again and start crafting several spells including the Sunripen Spell and Falling Star Spell. So let’s start raising some cool Phoenix.

Phoenix Rising Quest 1: Castleville The Majestic Phoenix

– It is not every day when a Master Wizard asks you to bring an extinct species back to life. Try not to mess up.


Place the Phoenix Nest in your Kingdom

Start your magic test by placing your own fledgling Phoenix in your Kingdom

Have 1 Fire Burner in your Kingdom


20 xp, 1000 coins


Phoenix Rising Quest 2: Castleville Light My Fire

– Handling a Phoenix takes special care. Try not to burn all your hair off. Apes look funny without hair. Just ask Al.


Have 3 Phoenix Gloves (ask firends for Phoenix Gloves)

Craft 3 Phoenix Feed

Have a Medium Phoenix in your Kingdom

– Keep feeding a small Phoenix to help them become a medium Phoenix.


20 xp, 1000 coins


Phoenix Rising Quest 3: Castleville The Phoenix Whisperer

– If you think I am difficult now, just wait until I go a day without my beauty sleep. Keep that Phoenix QUIET!


Craft 2 Fiery Teddy Bears

Start 3 new Phoenixes to raise out of your Phoenix Nest

– Click on the Phoenix Nest to start a new Phoenix.

Collect 6 more Phoenix Feed

– Phoenix Feed can be crafted by clicking on a growing Phoenix.


30 xp, 1500 coins


Phoenix Rising Quest 4: Castleville Master of Magic

– When it comes to wizards, only the best of the best can raise a Phoenix. Prove to me you have what it takes.


Prepare the Sunripen spell 2 times

Prepare the Falling Star spell 2 times

Collect Phoenix Feed 5 more times

– Phoenix Feed can be crafted by clicking on a growing Phoenix.


20 xp, 1000 coins


Phoenix Rising Quest 5: Castleville Phoenix Rising

– If the Phoenix has truly chosen you, then you should be able to craft the mark of their favor: a Phoenix Down Pendant.


Craft 2 Phoenix Down Pendants

Finish Sal’s test by witnessing a Phoenix be reborn

Continue to collect Phoenix Feed 8 more times


1 Phoenix Statue, 30 xp, 1500 coins


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