Castleville Porkins Mia Quests Guide

Castleville Porkins Mia Quests

All are up and ready for Castleville Porkins Mia Quests. Prepare ahead for this Castleville Quests with this guide and find out what will be the requirements in order to get passed of a stage. This will be a short 5 part mission and will have some crafting part so start saving the materials.


Quests 1: Castleville Where’s Porkins?


Gather 3 Pails of Water

  • Get this item by fishing

Clear 3 Grass. I hope Porkins left us some tracks to follow.

  • Click on Grass to clear it.

Have 2 Pig Food. Maybe if he smells this, he’ll come out of hiding!

  • Ask your Friends to send you this item.


4.250 coins,  85 exp


Quests 2: Castleville Sprinkles of Faith


Craft 2 Animal Treats. Something more delicious to lure you out, dear Porkins.

  • Craft this item in the Kitchen or buy it using Reputation.

Have 3 Rubies. Shiny stuff always attracts the piggies!

  • Click on Rocks to mine them for a chance at this item.

Craft 2 Cup Cakes. Maybe this’ll help. It’s quite sweet.

  • Craft this item in the Kitchen.


4.250 coins, 85 exp


Quests 3: Castleville When all else fails Get Shiny!


Craft 4 Sweet Truffle Pies. Oh, Porkins, you little devil… where did you run off to?!

  • Craft this item in the Kitchen.

Gather 5 Honey. More sweet stuff for my dear lost Porkins!

  • Get this item by tending Flowers, clearing Bushes, or asking Friends.

Have 3 Diamonds. Rubies didn’t work, but let’s try these!

  • Gather from any Mining Camp for a chance to get Diamonds.


5.250 coins, 105 exp


Quests 4: Castleville Got Milk?


Craft 4 Cloth Diaper. I knew we’d have to pay the price for bringing a baby along!

  • Craft this item in the Studio.

Craft 5 Baby Food. Can you say ‘need food,’ Agnes?

  • Craft this item in the Kitchen.

Craft 3 Cotton Cloth. You spill your food a little too much, Agnes, and Yvette should’ve warned me.

  • Get this item by harvesting a Tailor Building or by crafting it in the Studio.


5.250 coins, 105 exp


Quests 5: Castleville Everybody Loves Champagne


Craft 1 bottle of Champagne. Everybody loves champagne.

  • Craft this item in the Kitchen.

Craft 1 Carrot Cake as a last resort. Porkins should smell these many carrots.

  • Craft this item in the Kitchen.

Gather 5 Pails of Water with me. Calm down, Penelope. He’ll be back.

  • Get this item by fishing.


5.250 coins, 105 xp

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