Castleville Rafael and Yvette Camping Quests Text Guide

 Castleville Rafael and Yvette Camping Quests

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 Yvette and Rafael decided to go to camping in this Castleville Quests. Players can now perform this nine part mission with the following stages A Rugged Request, Scoping The Site, Supplies Me, Star Gazing, Where, Oh Where Can Yvette Be?, Looking For Our Lost Lamb, Opposites Attract, Star-Crossed Star Gazers and You Can Go Home Again.

Rafael and Yvette Quest 1: Castleville A Rugged Request

– Yvette adores nature… she’s sure to love camping, no? I cannot wait to invite her!


Collect taxes from Yvette’s House

Feed 2 Animals

Tend 2 Flowers


20 xp, 1000 coins


Rafael and Yvette Quest 2: Castleville Scoping The Site

– Let us look high and low to find the perfect campsite. It must be both rugged and – dare I say it? Romantic, too!


Place the Star-Crossed Telescope

Collect 3 Trail Maps

Craft 1 rugged Wood Club


20 xp, 1000 coins


Rafael and Yvette Quest 3: Castleville Supplies Me

– I have a very special dinner planned for Yvette. A rugged camping dinner! She is sure to love it, no?


Collect 3 Coal

Craft 1 Hard Boiled Eggs

Collect 10 Pails of Water


1 Campfire Symbol, 20 xp, 1000 coins


Rafael and Yvette Quest 4: Castleville Star Gazing

– The only way this camping trip could get better, my friend, is if we could gaze at the stars while snacking on some delicious Trail Mix!


Complete the Star-Crossed Telescope

Craft 2 Trail Mix

Have 10 Cocoa


20 xp, 1000 coins


Rafael and Yvette Quest 5: Castleville Where, Oh Where, Can Yvette Be?

– How strange, my friend – I cannot seem to find Yvette. Let us search near the campsite. She couldn’t have gotten far… can she?


Collect 5 Rugged Rucksacks

Tax 15 buildings

Feed 8 Sheep


20 xp, 1000 coins


Rafael and Yvette Quest 6: Castleville Looking For Our Lost Lamb

– My dear Yvette is nowhere to be found! We must find her… she is too sweet and gentle to be alone in the rugged wilderness!


Explore to find Yvette in the wilderness near that old Ranger Tower

Craft 3 Exploration Crystals

Collect 5 Wooden Whistles


1 Big Energy Potion, 20 xp, 1000 coins


Rafael and Yvette Quest 7: Castleville Opposites Attract

– Poor Yvette, she is worried about Beasties! But Beasties would not dare come near MY campsite! Oh… wait, there are some now. Perhaps the campsite could use a little Beastie-proofing…


Banish 2 Gloom Yetis

Craft 1 Iron Camp Stove

Craft 3 Candles


20 xp, 1000 coins


Rafael and Yvette Quest 8: Castleville Star-Crossed Star Gazers

– Let’s show Yvette an unmatched view of the stars in all their beauty. Then she will come to cherish the rugged wilderness as much I cherish her!


Upgrade the Star-Crossed Telescope

Collect 5 Compasses

Have 10 Stone Blocks


20 xp, 1000 coins


Rafael and Yvette Quest 9: Castleville You Can Go Home Again

– Ah, the wilderness was wonderful, but it is good to be home again. Next time, perhaps our camping trip could be a little less rugged, eh?


Examine the Ranger Tower

Craft 3 Cloth Bandages

Feed 10 Cows


1 Telescope Symbol Unlocked, 20 xp, 1000 coins


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