Castleville So much Egg-citement! Quests Guide

Castleville So much Egg-citement

Castleville is celebrating an Easter Event with Castleville So much Egg-citement! Quests. This is an 8 part Castleville Quests and yes there will be an egg hunting task. Players will be crafting the Treasure Hunt Starter at the Pavilion to start the egg hunting. Remember Easter Bunnies will not appear unless you have placed the Treasure Hunt Starter.

Quests 1: Castleville The Hunt Begins


Place a Treasure Hunt Starter in your Kingdom

Feed 1 Animal in your Kingdom

Catch up to 1 Easter Bunnies

  • In order for Easter Bunnies to appear you must have an active Treasure Hunt Starter in your Kingdom when you feed your animals


40 xp, 2000 coins


Quests 2: Castleville Keep ‘em Safe!


Have 3 Lettuce Heads

  • You can ask your friends for some Lettuce Heads

Tend 5 Flowers in your Kingdom

Craft the Spring Fence 1 time


40 xp, 2000 coins


Quests 3: Castleville Egg-xtra Fun!


Craft the Egg Topiary for your Kingdom

  • You may craft Egg Topiary at the Pavillion

Plant 7 Carrots

Find and click on 5 Easter Bunnies


50 xp, 2000 coins


Quests 4: Castleville Sweet Deal!


Have 5 Jelly Bean

  • You may ask your friends for some Jelly Beans

Tend to 7 Grass

Craft 2 Candy Heart

  • You may craft the Candy Heart in the Kitchen


50 xp, 2500 coins


Quests 5: Castleville Chick-ster!


Craft Chick-ster

Have an active Easter Treasure Hunt in your Kingdom

Craft a Cloth Apron


50 xp, 2500 coins


Quests 6: Castleville Let there be light!


Craft the Spring Lamp Post

  • Spring Lamp Post are crafted in the Pavilion

Have 7 Plaid Blanket

  • You may ask your friends for some Plaid Blankets

Craft 2 Bedding


50 xp, 2500 coins


Quests 7: Castleville Lookin’ for Treasure


Tend 10 Animals

Craft 3 Hard Boiled Eggs

Visit 3 Neighbors


65 xp, 3250 coins


Quests 8: Castleville Home Sweet Home


Craft the Egg-ster House

  • You may craft Egg-ster House at the Pavillion

Craft a Bottle of Champagne

  • Bottle of Champagne can be crafted in the Kitchen

Start another Treasure Hunt

  • To start another Treasure Hunt you must craft one at the Pavilion


Giant Easter Egg, 65 xp, 3250 coins


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