Castleville The Good Advice Quests

Castleville The Good Advice Quests

This is Hazels questline for the Castleville Advice Quests. This will start after quest 1, as we help Rafael with his relationship with Yvette. He seeks advice as he want’s to patch things up with Yvette. Most or all of the tasks are filling the Advice Bar and we fill enough items that it require we can receive rewards. There 4 stages and 4 different rewards for each stage. And also everytime we collect Hazel will give random advice. You can check her list advices on this post.

Quest 1: Castleville The Advisor is IN

– If I’m going to be giving advice, I need some assistance. Help me by getting me some supplies.


Fill the Advice bar by crafting Welcome Baskets (it will take 6 pcs to fill the Advice Bar)

Craft 6 Welcome Baskets to earn an Advice Booth.


Fill the Advice bar by crafting Engraved Stationery (it will take 8 pcs to fill the Advice Bar)

Craft 8 Engraved Stationary to earn a Frozen Moose.


20 xp, 1000 coins


Quest 2: Castleville The Price of Advice


Fill the Advice bar by crafting Fountain Pens (it will take 10 pcs to fill the Advice Bar)

Craft 10 Fountain Pens to earn an Advice Ball.


Fill the Advice bar by crafting Brain Food (it will take 12 pcs to fill the Advice Bar)

Craft 12 Brain Food to earn a Pet Yeti.


20 xp, 1000 coins

Some of Hazels Advice:

On How To Tell If He’s The ONE: “He may be rich, powerful, terrifyingly evil, and willing to conquer the world for you… in which case, yes, he’s the One.”

On Reinvent Yourself: “Never answer any questions about yourself honestly. It maintains an aura of mystery about you.”

On Finding Mr. Right: “Mr. Right is the one hanging by his ankles in Mr. Wrong’s dungeon. Mr. Wrong is HOT!”

On Putting A Price On Love: “Tell your partner how much you value them. Name a specific price, so they know exactly where they stand.”

On The Art of Compromise: “Relationships are all about compromise. So make sure your man is willing to compromise at your every whim.”

On Selective Memory: “Don’t bother remembering anything about your significant other. If it is important enough, they’ll remind you.”

On How to Tell If He’s Telling the Truth: “Trust is key to a good relationship. So put your trust in a good Truth Potion and find out if your little lambkins is actually a snake.”

On Take the Long View: “People’s personalities change unpredictably, so it’s best to choose your partner based on how they’ll look in 20 years.”

On Express Your Feelings: “Relationships are hard. You must learn to express your feelings freely and openly. I prefer either a battle-axe or a nice Concussion Spell.”

Love Requires Sacrifice: “Love and sacrifice go hand in hand. I recommend a romantic Voodoo-style sacrifice with plenty of fanged beasties and venomous vipers.”

On Give and Take: “Relationships are built on give and take. So have your partner give up everything for you while you take all they give. It’s only fair.”

On Lover’s Quarrels: “It’s important not to take a lover’s quarrel too seriously. As soon as he says he’s sorry, untie him, let him out of the closet, and let him buy you expensive jewelry.”

On Hold Your Ground: “Don’t look desperate to commit. No matter how many times your partner asks you to meet their parents, say ‘No’.”

On Maintain the Glow: “Love fades. Remind your significant other of this at least once a day.”

On Managing Expectations: “Make sure to constantly nag and insult your partner so they feel flawed. That way, they’ll think they never be able to do better than you.”

On You Have the Right: “Never apologize. It’s more important to appear to be right than to be right.”

On Maintain that Air of Nostalgia: “Talk a lot about how much fun it was being single so that you don’t look needy.”


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  1. I have no advice bar and have finished the welcome baskets but it will not let me do stationary and my advice bar is gone will not let me move on what do I do

    • There’s a limit on how many active NPC quest (like quest from Yvette, Rafael, Sonja etc.) you can do before you can do another one. Maybe after you finished Hazel’s quest stage 1 you’ve opened another quest from other NPC. Try to finish the other NPC quest (current active quest or 1 stage will do) then look for Hazel if she has the question “Mark” or quest available.

    • Hazel’s Quest: I to am having the same problem. I only have 3 quest going at the moment, so not sure the NPC is the problem. But hit won’t let me complete the 2nd part of this quest. Any suggestion would be greatly appriciated

  2. After finishing Hazel’s quest 1, on quest 2 the Advice Bar will not show and when I hover over Go To Crafting it says Requirements Not Met. What are the Requirements?

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