Castleville The Unicorn Pen Quests Guide

Castleville The Unicorn Pen Quests

It’s finally here! Castleville Unicorn Pen will finally arrived in this Castleville Quests. The Unicorn Pen can hold up to 30 Unicorns. Finish building it with the help of your friends. So prepare ahead the materials that will be needed because there will be some crafting in this quest.


Quest 1: Castleville Sleepers

[alert style=”white”]Sal says building a Unicorn Pen will keep them from wandering out at night in their sleep. Let’s get to it![/alert]


Place the Unicorn Pen in your Kingdom

Collect 10000 Coins

Buy 3 Fences


40 exp, 2000 coins


Quest 2: Castleville A Healing Touch

[alert style=”white”]Creatures as pure and magical as Unicorns should never be allowed to feel pain. Let’s tend to them quickly.[/alert]


Have 2 Cold Compresses

Feed 2 Unicorns

Craft 1 Splint


50 exp, 2500 coins


Quest 3: Castleville One Pen to Hold Them All

[alert style=”white”]Now that the Unicorns are feeling better, let’s finish building their pen![/alert]


Have a finished Unicorn Pen in your Kingdom

Move 2 Unicorns into the Unicorn Pen

Clear 3 Grass


50 exp, 2500 coins


Quest 4: Castleville Let’s Get Together

[alert style=”white”]Let’s Get Together.[/alert]


Have 3 Leashes

  • Collect Leashes by asking friends

Have 4 Unicorns

Use the Unicorn Pen 2 times To feed the Unicorns


50 exp, 2500 coins


Quest 5: Castleville Three’s A Crowd

[alert style=”white”]Oh dear, some of the Unicorns aren’t getting along in such close quarters. Let’s do something to soothe their ruffled manes.[/alert]


Craft 6 Unicorn Treats

Cast the Unicorn’s Gift Spell 2 times

Craft 1 Brain Food


65 exp, 3250 coins

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