Castleville: The Very First Foot Forward Guide

Castleville The Very First Foot Forward

We will expand to the new area Hidden Playground in Castleville The Very First Foot Forward Quests. Rafael will show the way in this new land and we will gonna help him clean this area. There will be 7 stage for this Castleville Quests and it will going to have some crafting so better prepare the ingredients ahead.


A New Playground

Quests 1: A New Playground


Have 3 Sweeteners. We want to make sure Agnes is happy while we’re busy.

Expand to the Hidden Playground.

Mine 4 stones, we don’t want to let her get hurt!


40 exp 2000 coins


A Stinging Surprise

Quests 2: A Stinging Surprise


Craft 3 Alovere Talismans to clear off those Prickly Shrooms.

Craft 2 Sweet Milk so that Agnes isn’t hungry.

Craft 4 Woodplanks to ensure that she doesn’t move too far.


40 exp 2000 coins


Silver Lining

Quests 3: Silver Lining


Gather 5 pieces of Baby Cotton to make some soft clothes for Agnes.

Craft 9 Stoneblocks to construct a nice lunch table for us to make use of.

Gather 4 Ambers. Agnes likes her shiny interesting stuff!


40 exp 2000 coins


Made To Fit

Quests 4: Made To Fit


Gather 7 Mud for our little girl to play with!

Craft 1 Baby Glove with the fresh new Baby Cotton!

Gather 4 Alchemist Powder to sprinkle on for added protection.


50 exp 2500 coins


Putting It Together

Quests 5: Putting It Together


Craft 4 Sandblocks for Agnes, let’s see what she wants to make!

Gather 4 pieces of Baby Cotton to make some Boots for Agnes.

Craft 2 Hammers for the jungle gym I’ll be making soon.


50 exp 2500 coins


Dewiciof Stuff

Quests 6: Dewiciof Stuff


Craft 1 Spun Caramel for snacks. Agnes is going to have one sweet day today!

Craft 1 Iron Pick to take out the smaller jagged pieces of rocks left here and there.

Craft 1 Baby Shoe for our little girl. I’m sure she’ll love them!


50 exp 2500 coins


Front Foot Forward

Quests 7: Front Foot Forward


Craft 5 glasses of grapejuice to clear up our parched throats.

Craft 2 Baby Pillows for Agnes. I’m sure she’s tired after finally taking her firs few steps!

Craft 1 Workbench. We’re going to make many more of those Baby Gloves and Shoes!


35 exp 3250 coins

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