Castleville: The Weaver’s Trail Guide

The Weaver's Trail

Help Derek in finding more journals in Castleville The Weaver’s Trail Quests. This new quest is expected to start this week as you help Jamie and Derek to examine what the journal is all about. Derek suspects that ii is coming from someone who is still alive?


More to Follow

Quests 1: More to Follow


Have 4 Journal Scraps. We’re going to need all them to decipher the messages.

Place 2 Benches. Let’s get comfortable.

Tend 5 Flowers. Might as well clear the space, first!


4 exp 500 coins


Dukeep Counting!

Quests 2: Dukeep Counting!


Craft 3 Wood Planks. It’s time t’ make some chairs.

Craft 3 Mortars. These rocks need some more beating!

Craft 3 Stone Block Craftable. Giovanni needs these t’ compare with the older ones we found.


4 xp 500 coins


Exceeded Expectations

Quests 3: Exceeded Expectations


Gather 6 chunks of Mud. Giovanni can date the pages based on the mud on them.

Craft 1 Carl’s Memoirs. Let’s put ‘em together!

Craft 4 Bubbly Grogs, we’ll be at these for a while.


4 exp 500 coins


One Thing After Another

Quests 4: One Thing After Another


Craft 6 Wool Cloths. We don’t want the girls feeling too cold now do we?

Gather 7 pieces of Amber. That should help Eruwen with deciphering.

Craft 8 Gold Bricks. All the more picks we can make to unlock more chests!


4 exp 500 coins


Old Enemies, New Allies?

Quests 5: Old Enemies, New Allies?


Craft 5 Champagne. I’m sure we need a break after all that.

Craft 3 Brass Ingot. We’re gonna need these for some equipment and items for Giovanni.

Craft 3 Carl’s Memoirs. Time to pinpoint his location!


4 exp 500 coins

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