Castleville: We’re Sailing Along Guide

We're Sailing Along

Pirate Sonja is about to make her return in Castleville We’re Sailing along Quests. We will going to board her vessel in this 5 stage Castleville Quests. Gather up your friends for we need their help in getting some of the materials. This will be going out and available this week.


So A Rock Boards a Ship...

Quests 1: So A Rock Boards a Ship…


Expand t’ the land yonder. It’s where I came from, near th’ land o’ the Weaver.

Have 2 Telescopes. Watch me back while I take the helm, will ye?

Gather 5500 Coins! Doubloons ne’er hurt anybody!


40 exp 2000 coins


A Natural Connection

Quests 2: A Natural Connection


Clear 1 Forest Weed. There might be more of ’em hidin’ underneath. Attack when I give th’ command!

Banish 5 Gloom Thieves. There ye be, ye no-good, stalking scoundrels!

Craft 1 Crow’s Nest. You lads there, keep a lookout fer re-inforcements!!


40 exp 2000 coins


On the Lookout

Quests 3: On the Lookout


Mine 6 Rocks. They might come back! Pretend y’er busy.

Craft 3 Crow’s Nests. See if ye can find these no-good stalkers!

Craft 1 Fried Fish. I can feel meself gettin’ hungrier.


40 exp 2000 coins


Blend In, Lure Out

Quests 4: Blend In, Lure Out


Clear 3 Forest Weeds. Y’er Cap’n don’t take too fondly to this stuff.

Tend 10 Flowers. Sometimes ye need t’ give importance t’ the smaller things.

Craft 2 Crow’s Nests. Stay vigilant, laddies… my crew just keeps on growin’.


40 exp 2000 coins


Stalking Stalker

Quests 5: Stalking Stalker


Clear 4 more Forest Weeds. Make more space fer me vessel, on the double!

Craft 2 Dyes. Maybe a disguise ‘ill be o’ some help in findin’ the rascals.

Have 2 Telescopes. I needs these fer me journey.


40 exp 2000 coins

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