Castleville When Inspiration Strikes Quests Guide

Castleville When Inspiration Strikes Quests

Carnival will be arriving in Castleville When Inspiration Strikes Quests once again. Izadora will be arriving in your kingdom and you will help to fill the Carnival Spirits. This short 5 mission Castleville quest will require some crafting including Jester Hats, Geometric Necklaces, and Horse Charm Bracelet.


Quest 1: Castleville Jest a Minute

[alert style=”white”]Oooh, Jester Hats could be the PERFECT start to my summer collection![/alert]


Craft 2 Jester Hats

  • You may craft this in the Studio

Clear 4 Grass

  • You don’t have Grass? you may purchase some in the Market

Place 1 Bench


40 exp, 2000 coins


Quest 2: Castleville Puppet Master

[alert style=”white”]I’d love to have colorful little dolls bobbing about my ears…[/alert]


Craft 4 Doll Earrings

  • You may craft Doll Earrings in the Studio

Have 3 Pieces of Taffy

Craft 1 Dye Kit


40 exp, 2000 coins


Quest 3: Castleville Lute Strings and Heart Strings

[alert style=”white”]Sonja wasn’t impressed, but I thought Quinn was the CUTEST![/alert]


Craft 1 Braided Belt

Have 3 Pieces of Parchment

Craft 3 Berry Smoothies


50 exp, 2500 coins


Quest 4: Castleville Mirror Mirror

[alert style=”white”]Sonja’s right, I need to concentrate on my project.[/alert]


Craft 3 tubes of Glue

Have 5 pieces of Silver Ore

Craft 6 Geometric Necklaces to fill the Carnival bar


50 exp, 2500 coins


Quest 5: Castleville Just Horsing Around

[alert style=”white”]The painted horses on the carousel remind me of my own steed, Jiminy.[/alert]


Craft 10 Horse Charm Bracelets to fill the Carnvial bar

Buy 4 bales of Hay

Collect 4 Copper Horseshoes


65 exp, 3250 coins


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