Castleville Yulefest Presents Quest Guide

Castleville Yulefest Present

Castleville Yulefest Presents Quest

Zynga and Casleville has just recently release this brand new Yulefest Quest 2012 just in time for the Holidays. Castlevile Yulefest Presents Quest will have a total of 6 mission for player to do and players will be rewarded a gift that can be opened on Christmas Day December 25. There are several crafting that will include some Magic Spells so better prepare those spell books and it’s materials.


Quest 1: Castleville In The Bag

  • First thing we’ll need is my Magic Bag. No matter how many Presents you take out of it, it always stays full!


Place Kringle’s Magic Bag

  • Kris Kringle’s Magic Bag can be found in your Inventory under Decor.

Begin wrapping 1 Present

Tax 5 Houses


20 xp, 1000 coins


Quest 2: Castleville Wrapper’s Delight

  • Gift Wrap has magical properties. It turns everyday items into festive PRESENTS!


Have 3 Yulefest Cards (ask your friends for Yulefest Cards)

Craft 3 Gift Wraps

  • Click on a Yulefest Present to craft Gift Wrap.

Feed 10 Animals


35 xp, 1750 coins


Quest 3: Castleville A Jolly Medium

  • The bigger the Present, the better the gift inside! EVERYONE knows that!


Make 5 Gift Wraps

Go Fishing 5 times

Craft 3 Egg Grogs

  • You can craft Egg Grog in your Kitchen.


35 xp, 1750 coins


Quest 4: Castleville Givin’ Large

  • Less is more? Not on Yulefest! The more Presents we have, the greater our Yulefest Gift Swap will be!


Have 5 Holly Sprigs

Make 7 Gift Wraps

Start wrapping 2 more Yulefest Presents


35 xp, 1750 coins


Quest 5: Castleville Present & Accounted For

  • Wrapping loads of Presents is dandy, but there’s NOTHING like the mystery of an Epic Present!


Make 10 Gift Wraps

  • Click on a Yulefest Present to craft Gift Wrap.

Cast the Shakedown Spell 2 times

Visit 3 Neighbors


35 xp, 1750 coins


Quest 6: Castleville Happy Yulefest

  • Your Presents will be waiting for you on Yulefest Day!


Open your Yulefest Presents on Yulefest Day

  • Your Presents will be ready to open on or after December 25. Click them when ready.

Start wrapping 2 more Presents

Craft 3 Pumpkin Pies


1 Reindeer, 35 xp, 1750 coins


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