Chefville Quests Guide for 4th Week of August

Chefville Tantalizing Tiki

Chefville Quest: The Tantalizing Tiki. Let the brilliant beauty of the sunset come together in your Sunset Punch. Nature knows best! Wonder if I’ll ever be famous enough to have a drink named after me like Shirley Temple. I bet the Ginger Teaberry would be delicious!

Quests 1:

Upgrade your Mocktail Tiki Bar

Harvest your Ice Cooler 5 times

Harvest Sugar Bin 6 times


Quests 2:

Have 9 Drink Trays

  • Ask your friends for Drink Trays

Serve 4 Lemon Plops 

  • Click on your Mocktail Tiki Bar, then click Lemon Plop to mix it

Mix 5 Shirley Temples

  • Click on your Mocktail Tiki Bar to prepare Shirley Temple!


Quests 3

Care for your Tiki accessories with Tiki Oil! You do have some, right daisy?

Have 9 Tiki Oil

Craft 6 Grendaine

  • Click on your Drink Blender, then click Grenadine to craft it.

Serve 5 Sunset Punch

  • Click on your Mocktail Tiki Bar, then click Sunset Punch to mix it!


Castleville Plum Luck Quest

Chefville Quests: Plum Luck


Quest 1:

– I’m sure there’s a way to use Plums in your Mocktails, right? Get a basketful!

Place and Complete Plum Basket

Harvest 6 Orange Tree

Harvest your Plum Basket 8 times


Quest 2:

– Customers will come runnin’ for your Plum Runners, daisy! Oh – don’t forget the Coasters, we don’t want to stain the Tiki.

Have 9 Mocktail Coasters

Mix 6 Plum Runners

Serve 5 Shirley Temples


Quest 3:

– Pick handfuls of Plums while they’re at their best. Don’t you just love the color of them?

Have 9 Mocktail Majesty

Harvest 5 Plum Baskets

Mix 6 Sunset Punch


Castleville Bitter Victory Quest

Chefville Quest: Bitter Victory


Quest 1:

– I bet you can make Plum Bitters if you upgrade the Drink Blender, to add a tangy touch!

Upgrade your Drink Blender

Harvest 6 Sugar Bin

Serve 4 Plum Runner


Quest 2:

– Dreams of Sugar Plumtinis have been dancing through my head…can you help me with that, daisy?

Have 9 Mocktail Napkins

Craft 5 Plum Bitters

Serve 5 Sugar Plumtini


Quest 3:

– Collect Free Flow Pourers so bottle-pouring doesn’t halt the Mocktail-making!

Have 9 Free Flow Pourers

Harvest your Plum Baskets 6 times

Have 2 Mastery Stars in Sugar Plumtini

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