Farmville 2 A Good Host! Quest Guide

Mission Objective: Rusty came to stay at the B&B because his farm’s infested with mosquitoes in Farmville 2 A Good Host! Quests. You will find here all the information you will need in how to complete this Farmville 2 Quests. The Farmville 2 A Good Host! Quests is available from August 28 to September 11.

Quest 1: Egg-stra Special Guest!


Place Dragonfly Bath
Fertilize 15 Frogbits
Feed 3 Adult Chickens


Quest 2: Itchy Sting-drone!


Get 5 Sets of Extra Pillows
Feed 3 Adult Mini Cows
Make 2 Duvets


Quest 3: Doctor In The House!


Use 3 Farm Hands
Perform 10 Neighbor Actions
Do 1 Cave Exploring Job


Quest 4: Nourishing Care!


Get 5 Mosquito Balms
Fertilize 20 Pumpkins
Make 3 Swiss Cheese Soups


Quest 5: Bait & Tackle!


Gather 15 Olives
Harvest 30 Frogbits
Make 1 Pretty Dragonfly


Quest 6: To Catch A Fly!


Feed 4 Adult Donkeys
Harvest 30 Onions
Collect 15 Dragonflies


Quest 7: Chill Pill!


Collect 5 Sets of Anti-Fever Pills
Harvest 5 Lemon Trees
Go Fishing 5 Times


Quest 8: Ins-Pest-or


Tend your Spinning Wheels 2 Times
Feed 3 Adult Guineafowls
Make 3 Multigrain Wheat Breads

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