Farmville 2 A Reel Help! Quest Guide

Mission Objective: It looks like Gus is overworking himself in Farmville 2 A Reel Help! Quest. He’s taken up veterinary house calls in addition to his farm work and, he’s even hosting the tournament. You will find this Farmvile 2 quests information here which will help you complete it ahead of the time limit. The Farmville 2 A Reel Help! quest is available from July 24 to August 7.

Quest 1: Dream Team


Perform 10 Neighbor Actions
Collect 15 Water
Water 15 Red Veined Sorrels


Quest 2: A Bright Idea


Collect 5 Luminous Paints
Feed 4 Adult Ferrets
Make 3 Oilskin Jackets


Quest 3: Zest My Luck


Harvest 2 Lemon Trees
Gather 5 Baits
Do 1 Pearl Diving Job


Quest 4: A Safe Bait


Collect 5 Bait Ball Makers
Feed 4 Mini Cows
Make 5 Basic Groundbait


Quest 5: As Luck Would Have It


Gather 20 Ragworms
Harvest 3 Fig Trees
Make 2 Glass Good Luck Charms


Quest 6: At the End of a Rope


Feed 3 Adult Buffalo’s
Make 3 Rope Winches
Catch 3 Tournament Fish


Quest 7: Lac-lustre


Collect 5 Trophy Lacquers
Feed 3 Adult Turtles
Go Fishing 5 Times


Quest 8: Floral Flourish


Harvest 30 Black-Eyed Susans
Tend your Bee Box 2 Times
Make 5 Special Groundbaits

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