Farmville 2 A Souven-year to Remember Quest Guide

Mission Objective: I was wondering how to get the County folk involved in the Souvenir Barn in Farmville 2 A Souven-year to Remember Quests. You can find here the complete details for this Farmville 2 Quests. Prepare and plan ahead the best possible approach in completing this mission. The Farmville 2 A Souven-year to Remember Quests is available from March 6 to March 20.

Quest 1: History in the Making!


Perform 5 helpful actions on Neighbors’ Farms.
Collect 15 Water.
Water 15 Bright Lights Chard.


Quest 2: Bygone Era!


Collect 5 Sets of Vintage County Photographs.
Feed 3 Adult Donkeys.
Make 3 Rope Vases.


Quest 3: Come Pear-ing Fruit!


Harvest 2 Pear Trees.
Feed 6 Adult Horses.
Have your sweetie or kid do 1 Pearl Diving Job.


Quest 4: Rich History!


Collect 5 Sets of Farmer’s Tale.
Gather 20 Power.
Make 3 Craft Papers.


Quest 5: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!


Gather 15 Wool.
Harvest 5 Lemon Trees.
Make 3 Embossed Leather Mirrors.


Quest 6: Cheer-Full!


Feed 3 Adult Yaks.
Make 5 Porcelain Mugs.
Earn 2 Happy Points.


Quest 7: Seedlings & Saplings!


Collect 5 Sets of Heritage Seed Packs.
Feed 3 Adult Sheep.
Go Fishing 5 Times.


Quest 8: Cream of the Crop!


Harvest 30 Sunflowers.
Tend your Yogurt Creamery Twice.
Make 4 Strawberry Yogurt Pies.

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