Farmville 2: A Valiant Valentine Venture Guide

A Valiant Valentine Quests

Celebrate Valentine with Percy and Barbara in Farmville 2 A Valiant Valentine Venture Quests that will be start Tuesday. Work with Barbara as she is preparing for a date with her love Walter. There will be some crafting involve here on this Farmville 2 Quests at the Kitchen and workshop. It is advise to prepare the ingredients ahead.


Love's Labor
Quests 1: Love’s Labor


Place Kissing Booth

Water 20 Winter Jasmine

Feed 3 Adult Chicken


100 exp 200 coins


Cupid's Bow

Quests 2: Cupid’s Bow


Collect 5 Sewing Kit.

Feed 2 Adult Cow.

Make 2 Winter Jasmine Candle.


150 exp 300 coins


Love's Lasso

Quest 3: Love’s Lasso


Make 5 Lasso for Walter.

Feed 2 Adult Donkey

Perform 15 helpful actions on Neighbor farms and spread the word of love!


200 exp 300 coins


Whine Time

Quests 4: Whine Time


Collect 5 Cabernet

Harvest 20 Onion

Make 4 Swiss Cheese Cheese Soup, it’s his favorite!


250 exp 400 coins


Houston! We Have A Problem!

Quest 5: Houston! We Have A Problem!


Tend your Chicken Coop 2 times, make sure they’re fine!

Feed 3 Adult Goat

Make 2 Hand Mirror, so I can be sure I look good for Walter.


300 exp 500 coins


Saving Private Valentine

Quest 6: Saving Private Valentine


Tend your Pig Pen 2 times.

Harvest 3 Apple Tree

Make 2 Rubber Tire, some of Walter’s other supplies need to be replenished too!


350 exp 600 coins


No Scents!

Quest 7: No Scents!


Collect 5 Camembert

Harvest 2 Heirloom Lemon Tree, to go with that cheese.

Gather 30 Water, I’ll need it to wash down the cheese.


500 exp 700 coins


Berry Much In Love

Quest 8: Berry Much In Love


Tend your Sheep Shack 2 times.

Harvest 30 Strawberry

Make 2 Strawberry Angel Food Cake, to set the right mood!


600 exp 800 coins

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