Farmville 2: Black Tie in the Rye Guide

Black Tie in the Rye Quests

Find out what Walter is up to in the new Farmville 2 Black Tie in the Rye Quests. This will be a 10 stage Farmville 2 Quests where you will help Walter in preparing his farm. We have here on this post the stage and tasks that we will doing to complete this. This will guide you through the rest of it.


Black Tie in the Rye

Quests 1: Oats for the Goats


Feed 4 Adult Goat for milk.

Fertilize 32 Oat.

Gather 14 Power for crafting.


1500 exp 1155 coins


Tying up Loose Ends

Quests 2: Tying up Loose Ends


Collect 5 Bowtie for the black tie event.

Complete 2 Orderboard order.

Make 4 Cilantro Cornbread Muffin for Walter’s grumbling tummy.


1875 xp 1155 coins


Tiramis Who?

Quests 3: Tiramis Who?


Harvest 50 Vanilla for the sweets.

Make 5 Tiramisu.

Make 5 Lavender Paper for the picnic table.


2250 xp 1232 coins


Hats Off to Walter

Quests 4: Hats Off to Walter


Collect 5 Top Hat to make Walter stand out.

Feed 4 Adult Cow for some special desserts.

Make 3 Vanilla Extract for a pie.


2625 xp 1386 coins


Impresso With the Espresso

Quests 5: Impresso With the Espresso


Harvest 6 Coffee Tree for espresso.

Make 7 Espresso for the VIP guests.

Make 2 Crème Brûlée.


3000 xp 1540 coins


Vanilla Dream

Quests 6: Vanilla Dream


Earn 20 Favor making goods for the locals.

Harvest 100 Vanilla.

Make 1 Vanilla Cream Pie to educate the city slickers.


3375 xp 1848 coins


I Swear for Eye Wear

Quests 7: I Swear for Eye Wear


Collect 5 Monocle.

Gather 60 Water for espresso machine.

Make 7 Espresso to distract the guests.


3370 xp 2310 coins


Big Wow for the Mini Cow

Quests 8: Big Wow for the Mini Cow


Make 4 Eggshell Bowl for oatmeal.

Gather 10 Clotted Cream from mini cows.

Make 2 Tropical Oatmeal.


4125 xp 3080 coins


Fruits of Our Labor

Quests 9: Fruits of Our Labor


Showcase your management skills: Use 5 a Farm Hand.

Make 3 Raspberry Linzer Cookies.

Make 3 Raspberry Limeade.


4125 exp 3080 coins


Macaroni Grill

Quests 10: Macaroni Grill


Gather 4 Trout for the fish fry.

Make 7 Espresso.

Make 5 Macaroni and Cheese.


4125 exp 3080 coins

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