Farmville 2 Circus Sensibilities Quests Guide

Farmville 2 Circus Sensibilities Quests

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A regional circus just arrived in town! They’re a bit disorganized, but willing to pay a high price for emergency assistance in Farmville 2 Circus Sensibilities Quests. The Circus Sensibilities Quests is a 4 part mission that players automatically receive once they reach level 16. There is quite a number of crafting on this quest so better prepare those materials ahead.

Quest 1: Farmville 2 It’s a Circus


Harvest 10 Broccoli

Collect 10 Wool

– Find Wool by feeding adult rabbits and sheep!

Harvest 3 Horseshoes

– If you are lucky, horses will give you horseshoes when you feed them!


30 xp, 1000 coins


Quest 2: Farmville 2 Clown Control


Collect 5 Quilt Scraps (ask your friends for Quilt Scraps)

Craft 1 Apple Pie

Harvest 2 Peach Trees

– Find the Peach Tree in the General Store under the Trees tab.


40 xp, 1000 coins


Quest 3: Farmville 2 Bread and Circus


Craft 3 Peach Lemonade

Craft 3 Cheddar Loafs

– Find Cheese occasionally from feeding goats and cows, craft Bread, then combine the two.

Craft 3 Butter


Fertilizer 5 pack, 50 xp, 1000 coins


Quest 4: Farmville 2 Clown Car Complication


Hire and use 1 Farm Hand

Harvest Wells 4 times

Craft 4 Dough


Fertilizer 10 pack, 60 xp, 1000 coins


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