Farmville 2 Come Inn From The Cold Quest Guide

Mission Objective: Hi, I…um…have a bit of a confession to make in Farmville 2 Come Inn From The Cold Quests. Here you will find all the information you will need in completing this Farmville 2 Quests. You can plan ahead and see the best possible approach. The Come Inn From The Cold Quest is available from August 22 to September 5.

Quest 1: Grape Thinking!


Place A Feeding Pond.
Feed 5 Adult Chickens.
Water 15 Himalaya Grapes.


Quest 2: Advertise Wise!


Collect 5 B & B Posters.
Feed 4 Adult Pigs.
Make 6 Lumber.


Quest 3: Before The Ink Is Dry!


Dry 18 Water Bamboos.
Perform 10 helpful actions on Neighbour’s Farms.
Have your sweetie or kid do 1 Pearl Diving Job.


Quest 4: Winter Warmer!


Collect 5 Room Heaters.
Harvest 20 Pumpkins.
Make 4 Creamy Pumpkin Scones.


Quest 5: Making Mush-Room This Winter!


Gather 24 Hedgehog Mushrooms.
Fertilize 25 Eggplants.
Make 3 Savory Swiss Cheese Soups.


Quest 6: That Goes Down Smooth!


Feed 3 Adult Mini Cows.
Harvest 30 Himalaya Grapes.
Make 5 Himalaya Grape Smoothies.


Quest 7: Rattle And Roll!


Collect 5 Vintage Baby Rattles.
Harvest 4 Pine Trees.
Go Fishing 5 Times.


Quest 8: Piece Of Cake!


Tend Your Bee Boxes Twice.
Feed 8 Adult Horses.
Make 4 Iced Fig Cakes.

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