FarmVille 2 Country Escape Air Show Event Quest

The Farmville 2 Air Show Event has just arrived in Country Escape bringing along a new set of items and recipes. During this event you can find rare goods and earn exclusive rewards. You must be atleast level 9 to participate in the event.

The Farmville 2 Country Escape Air Show Event will run for 24 days and you can win Copper, Silver and Gold Stamps and Padlocks. Stamps are used to purchased prized animals.

Farmville 2 Country Escape

On each stage there will be 4 mission each. This will guide you through on what you need to complete it. To see the quest just Tap on the Quest Manager.

Items needed and where to find it:

Coffee Beans: Around Grandma’s Glad, Pappy’s Pond, Merryweather Mine etc simply explore the said places to find this.

McIntosh Apples: Harvest Apple Trees

Truffles: Go to Grandma’s Glade, Pappy’s Pond, Merryweather Mine etc and simply explore the area to find this.

Oats: Harvest Wheat Crops

Crawdads: Fish at Pappy’s Pond or the Pier

Horseradish: Harvest Carrot Crops

Brass: Grandma’s Glad, Pappy’s Pond, Merryweather Mine etc and simply explore the area to find this.

Feathers: Tend Chickens

  • Tend Prized Animals for extra places to find Coffee Beans, Crawdads, Truffles and Brass



Mission 1:

Quest 1: Prepare for Takeoff 1/4


Visit the Air Show Event Fairgrounds (behind Eagle Eye Eddie)

Collect Coffee Beans (explore the Glade, Mine etc)

Make 1 Iced Latte (in Dairy)


Quest 2: Prepare for Takeoff 2/4


Make 2 Sugar

Collect 2 McIntosh Apples (harvest Apple Trees)

Make 1 Apple Fritter (in Pastry Oven)


Quest 3: Prepare for Takeoff 3/4


Make 3 Flour

Collect 2 Coffee Beans (explore the Glade, Mine etc)

Make Coffee Cake (in Pastry Oven)


Quest 4: Prepare for Takeoff 4/4


Make 3 Iced Lattes

Make 9 Apple Fritters

Make 3 Coffee Cakes


Mission 2:

Quest 1: The Sky’s the Limit 1/4


Craft 1 Butter

Gather 1 Truffle (explore the Glade, Mine etc)

Make Truffle Butter (in Dairy)


Quest 2: The Sky’s the Limit 2/4


Feed Chickens 2 times

Collect 3 Oats (harvest wheat)

Make Oatmeal Cookies (in Pastry Oven)


Quest 3: The Sky’s the Limit 3/4


Harvest 6 Corn

Make 1 Goat Cheese

Make Truffle Popcorn (in Stovetop)


Quest 4: The Sky’s the Limit 4/4


Make 3 Truffle Butters

Make 12 Oatmeal Cookies

Make 3 Truffle Popcorn


Mission 3:

Quest 1: Earn Your Wings 1/4


Make 1 Farmer’s Soup

Have 1 Crawdad (fish at the Pond or Pier)

Make Crawdad Bisque (in Stovetop)


Quest 2: Earn Your Wings 2/4


Harvest 3 Potatoes

Collect 1 Horseradish (harvest Carrot crops)

Make 1 Potato Salad (in Dairy)


Quest 3: Earn Your Wings 3/4


Make 1 Goat Cheese

Find a Trout by fishing

Make 1 Crawdad Bake (in Dinner Oven)


Quest 4: Earn Your Wings 4/4


Make 3 Crawdad Bisque

Make 12 Potato Salad

Make 5 Crawdad Bakes


Mission 4:

Quest 1: The Eagle Has Landed 1/4


Feed Sheep 2 times

Collect Brass (explore the Glade, Mine etc)

Make 1 Pilot Goggles (in Craft Workshop)



Quest 2: The Eagle Has Landed 2/4


Collect 3 Wool

Collect 4 Feathers (tend Chickens)

Make Bomber Jacket (in Loom)


Quest 3: The Eagle Has Landed 3/4


Collect 3 Honeycombs

Collect 2 more Brass (explore the Glade, Mine etc)

Make 1 Duty Free Candy (in Stovetop)


Quest 4: The Eagle Has Landed 4/4


Make 4 Pilot Goggles

Make 12 Bomber Jackets

Make 4 Duty Free Candies


Tip: you can also TAP the Biplane in the water and see the pelican fly around. You can also TAP the Air Tower in Stage 2 to see and Air Show.

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