FarmVille 2: Country Escape Fall Harvest Feast Part 2

Kate Hudson's in Town

Zynga finally released the Farmville 2: Country Escape Fall Harvest Feast Part 2. Now, there will be a new guest and it will feature “Kate Hudson’s In Town”. This means that there will be a new limited edition recipe called Hudson Bellamy Wines and the Burrata. We have already collected the information you will need regarding this latest release in Country Escape. This will help and guide you through the Fall Harvest Feast part 2.

Table for Fall

Boosts and Leaderboards are still in effect in part 2. You can always boosts the Fall Harvest points that you can get by 50% for coins and 100 % with the Keys. Boosts often last for 1 hour. For the Leaderboards, still not all your friends will be in the same board. This was made to maintain balance in game.

Fall Harvest Feast


Fall Harvest Feast Bonus


In case you already won an Angora Cat during last week’s Fall Harvest Feast then on this part 2 it will be upgraded into a rare and exclusive jeweled cat. Although it will be the same Angora Cat that you already have, when upgraded it will have a different upgraded appearance. It will give more or higher chance on getting mine, glade, pond or pier. Also it includes Copper x2, Trout and Blackberries.

You will have the chance to win the Angora Cat in case you didn’t win it in the first stage.

The Silver Prize still includes Silver Stamps, and for the Bronze Prize it will be 3 nails that can be used to upgrade the Barn or Silo



A total of 9 new stage will be added into the Country Escape: Fall Harvest Feast Quests. Each stage will have 3 parts and each part will have 3 tasks to complete. To access this, you’ll need to TAP the Quests Manager . You can find it at the lower left part of the game screen. Note theat you can only receive the final reward only at the end of the event.

There are several new items that was added into the game. They are as follow:

Fig: You need to harvest Peach Trees to obtain Figs

Kale: You need to explore the Pond, Pappy’s Pond or Grandma’s Glade. You can also get Kale from harvesting prized animals.

Reminder: Recipes that have Kale or Figs on it will have more Fall Harvest points.



QUESTS Lists and Guide:


Kate Hudson’s in Town 1/3


Harvest 4 Peaches

Collect 6 Milk

Make 8 Flour


Kate Hudson’s in Town 2/3


Have 2 Figs

Make Kate’s Fig and Burrata Flatbread (in the Pastry Oven)

Earn 100 Fall Harvest Points in the Second Stage


Kate Hudson’s in Town 3/3


Harvest 6 Strawberries

Make 3 Goat Cheese

Collect 3 Blackberries



Clumsy Meet and Greet 1/3


Make 6 Flour

Make 4 Sugar

Make 4 Country Biscuits


Clumsy Meet and Greet 2/3


Make 2 Carrot Cakes

Make 4 Strawberry Milk

Collect 2 Figs


Clumsy Meet and Greet (3 of 3)


Fulfill 10 Fall Harvest Orders

Have 500 Fall Harvest Points

Have 6 Kale



Friendly Beginnings 1/3


Have 3 Farmer’s Soup

Have 2 Mint

Have 2 Bass


Friendly Beginnings 2/3


Make 2 Strawberry Sundaes

Make 3 Pan Seared Trout

Make 2 Stuffed Bass


Friendly Beginnings 3/3


Collect 4 Potatoes

Make 2 Baked Potatoes

Make 2 Pan Fries



Farm to Table 1/3


Harvest 10 Wheat

Harvest 8 Corn

Harvest 6 Carrots


Farm to Table 2/3


Use the Dairy 5 times

Use the Pastry Oven 4 times

Use the Stovetop 3 times


Farm to Table 3/3


Have 1 Mint Chip Cookie

Earn 10,000 coins

Have 2000 Fall Harvest Points

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