FarmVille 2: Country Escape Fall Harvest Feast Quests

Fall Harvest Feast

A new event has been released by Zynga in Farmville 2 Fall Harvest Feast Quests. Win an Angora Cat, Nails and Silver Stamps by being one of the top 3 in leaderboards. Find out how to accomplish this all with our exclusive guide. We have this Farmville 2 Country Escape Quests covered, starting from the first stage which will be available from November 3 to November 15.


Fall Harvest Feasts Rewards:

There will be 3 different rewards that will be split into tiers. If you are the top player or you occupied the gold spot in your leaderboard on the final day, you will then receive the Angora Cat. If you are in silver spot or second place you will receive a Silver Stamps. Third place or bronze spot will receive Nails which can be used to upgrade the Barn or Silo.


Fall Harvest Leaderboards


Mystery Box:

Mystery box are given every time you reach 1000 Fall Harvest points.

Fall Harvest Mystery Box


The Boosts:

On of the feature of Fall Harvest Feast is having an option like “Boosts”. Boosts is available to give you more Fall Harvest points like 50% more in coins and or 100% with the Keys. You will be reminded by a timer once your boosts is activated.


Fall Harvest Feast


The Leaderboard:

You can always view the leaderboards by tapping the second tab. Note that not all players that you know or familiar to you will be at the same board. The board will show who’s player is using a boosts.


There will be 2 stage  for the Fall Harvest Feast:

  • 1st stage is scheduled on November 3 to November 15
  • 2nd stage will start on November 18, this will give extra so that you can harvest more Kale.

In case you didn’t get the Angora Cat in the 1st stage, you will have another chance to get it on the second stage. Remember to save Quartz in preparation for the second stage.


You may start the Farmville 2 Fall Harvest quest by visiting the Fall Harvest Feast which is located just behind the Eagle Eye Eddie’s airplane. This will be the Event HQ where can see the leaderboard and earn Fall Harvest points.

In total, there will 8 quests for the event. To find the quest, simply tap the Quest Manager which can be find at the lower left of your game screen. Beside the regular reward, there’s also a FINAL REWARD at the end of the event.



– Reminder: Numbers may vary and still change

Fall Harvest Feast Part 1


Visit the Fall Harvest Fairground

Complete 1 Fall Harvest Order

Collect 10 Fall Harvest points


Fall Harvest Feast Part 2


Use any Boost

Try selling an item when the boost is active

Collect 100 Fall Harvest Feast points


Fall Harvest Feast Part 3


Collect 2 Naked Juice Kale (simply explore the Glade, Pond, Mine or Pier)

Make 5 Flour

Make Apple Kale Muffins (to made in Pastry Oven)


Naked Juice Challenge Part 1


Make 1 Country Biscuit

Send Farm Hands to Grandma’s Glade

Collect 1 Naked Juice Kale (explore the Glade, Mine, Pond or Pier)


Naked Juice Challenge Part 2


Harvest 2 Apples

Collect 3 Tomatoes

Find 3 Kale


Set the Table Part 1


Collect 4 Carrots

Make 2 Butter

Make 2 Kale Stew


Set the Table Part 2


Make 2 Strawberry Shortcakes

Make 3 Peach Yogurts

Fill orders worth at least 30 Fall Harvest Points


Set the Table Part 3


Have 500 Fall Harvest Points

Collect 4 Kale

Complete 6 Fall Harvest Orders


Naked Juice Challenge:

This is an added bonus for this feature. You will be collecting Kale for the Naked Juice Community Challenge. In exchange for the effort Zynga will donate $100,000 to make fresh fruits and veggies more affordable and accessible. If you Tweet (by using the button located at the bottom as shown below), we will donate an extra, up to $10,000!

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  1. I am so sick of accidentally hitting the keys for things I do not want or need. I have wasted at least 50 keys because there is not a confirm button. I have spent actual money to get keys and to accidentally hit them and waste them really annoys me. I missed out on the black lab due to the game messing up. Why should I spend money just to waste it. I should have gotten the black lab too,
    IF no one cares I can quit play this like every other Zynga game I habe played and quit for the same reasons. Thank you, Christine

  2. I agree. I’ve probably lost 100 keys because there’s no confirm key. I also am considering finding another game to play. This is way too frustrating to go through the hoops to earn keys and lose them with a swipe of the hand.

  3. Does any1 know wot the best in show angora cat does different from a normal cat

  4. Too many shovels and never anything to used them on, once you cleared your land. Do they want us to spend money? And the only way to upgrade the barn is with keys NOT SHOVELS. Does anyone has the same problem?

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