Farmville 2 Country Escape: Mastery Guide

A new mastery feature has just been released in Farmville 2: Country Escape as players can now start mastering their crops and recipes. There will be 3 level of mastery to aspire and each one will give an awesome benefits. Here are a quick look of this feature.


An update has been release for FV2 Country Escape and with this is a new version 2.0.120 (iOS) 2.0.125 (android/kindle):

The update includes:

You can now turn into a World Class Farmer: Country Escape added some exciting feature and improvement for your farm. Among them are:

  • Mastery: you can now open the new World Class Wharf at Level 34 and earn World Class Masteries for your farm’s finest goods!
  • Improved Co-Ops: They made joining a Farm Co-op easier. you can now work and farm with your friends and be the the Top Team Co-op.
  • There will be a new event coming soon: Like the Halloween! Spookify your farm by collecting all the Halloween Costumes to earn an exclusive Black Cat!
  • Cats: You can place a Cat Cabin on your farm and send your furry new Farm Hands out to find rare items!


As we mentioned above, there will be a Farmville 2: Country Escape Mastery feature and here are the information or guide to help you start out.


Turn into a World Class Farmer by unlocking the new World Class Wharf at Level 34 ans start earning World Class Masteries for your goods!

World Class Mastery



You can find the World Class Wharf just at the bottom of your game screen. (See the picture)

World Class Wharf



Each item will ask for World Class Seals from the item listed. So to make it more clearer, to get Apple Mastery Seals you need to harvest Apple Trees same as baking Apple Pie will earn you an Apple Pie Mastery and so on.

World Class Apples

*Obtaining Apple Mastery Seals are by chance, which means not everytime you harvest Apple Tree will earn you an Apple Mastery Seals.



To give you and idea what Apple Mastery Seals looks like, here’s an picture.

Obtaining Apples



Once you completed the a part of the Mastery you will notice a star above your quest manager located at the lower left of your screen. Simply tap it to open the Mastery Building.


There will be 3 stages for each mastery. You will be asked to complete both tasks (like Apple and Apple Pie) to move on to the second stage.

World Class Mastery

Once you receive the first star of the Apple Mastery you will earn 55 more everytime you sell Apple items. The 2nd star will decrease the harvest time of the apple, and the for the third stage, it will increase your chance of harvesting extra apples. (This also applies to corn, wool etc.)


When you open your book, a display of a city scene and will show you how many stars you have earned for that mastery.

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