FarmVille 2: Country Escape Reindeer Rendezvous Quests

Farmville 2 Country Escape: Reindeer Rendezvous Quests

Zynga is releasing a special Holiday theme event in Farmville 2: Country Escape: Reindeer Rendezvous Quests. If you are currently at level 10 or above, you will receive this special mission where you can win exclusive rewards including a Winter Goose.

This Country Escape Quests will be available for 19 days and you have that time to successfully complete the Reindeer Rendezvous Quests. Among the rewards that will be given are Speed Seed, Padlock & Barn Nails, Stamps, and a Winter Goose.

Event Reward


You can start the  Reindeer Rendezvous Quests by going to the  Reindeer Rendezvous Event Ground which is located just behind the Eagle Eye Eddie’s Airplane. Always visit the Event Ground to get more information on the items needed. the rewards and tips.

Reindeer Rendezvous Event Grounds


There will be 4 part on this special Country Escape:  Reindeer Rendezvous Quests. You can always TAP at anytime the “Quest Manager” for some quick tip and info.


New “ITEMS” and it’s location where to find it:

  1. Cocoa Powder: search the Grandma’s Glade, Pappy’s Pond, Merryweather Mine, Pier, or Prized Animals.
  2. Event Marshmallows: you can get Marshmallow by harvesting Corn crops.
  3. Event Cinnamon: search Grandma’s Glade, Pappy’s Pond, Merryweather Mine, Pier, or Prized Animals
  4. Event Peppermints: You can get Cinnamon by harvesting Strawberry crops.
  5. Event Ginger: search Grandma’s Glade, Pappy’s Pond, Merryweather Mine, Pier, or Prized Animals.
  6. Event Chestnuts: you can get Chestnuts by harvesting Peach Trees.
  7. Event Cotton: search the Grandma’s Glade, Pappy’s Pond, Merryweather Mine, Pier, or Prized Animals
  8. Event Holly: you can get Holly by harvesting Tomato crops.




Reindeer Rendezvous Part 1:


Visit the Reindeer Rendezvous Event Grounds

Collect 2 Cocoa Powder (use Farm Hands out to find them)

Make Event Snow Angel in Pastry Oven


Reindeer Rendezvous Part 2:


Collect 2 Event Marshmallows

Collect 6 Strawberries

Make Event Marshmallow Snowman in Pastry Oven


Reindeer Rendezvous Part 3:


Make 2 Sugar

Make 2 Country Biscuits

Visit Grandma’s Glade


Reindeer Rendezvous Part 4:


Collect 3 Cow Milk

Collect 2 Eggs

Make Event Hot Cocoa in Dairy



Reindeer Break the Ice Part 1:


Collect Event Cinnamon

Collect 2 Eggs

Make Event Cinnamon Rolls


Break the Ice Part 2:


Collect Event Peppermint

Make 2 Sugar

Make 2 Candy Canes in Stovetop


Break the Ice Part 3:


Collect 2 Goat Milk

Make Farmer’s Soup

Visit Pappy’s Pond


Break the Ice Part 4:


Collect 2 Peaches

Collect 2 Cow Milk

Make Peach Yogurt



On the House Part 1:


Collect Event Ginger

Make 2 Butter

Make Event Gingerbread Couple in Pastry Oven


On the House Part 2:


Collect 2 Event Chestnuts

Make 2 Herb Butter

Make 2 Event Roasted Chestnuts in Dinner Oven


On the House Part 3:


Make 4 Flour

Collect 6 Strawberries

Make Strawberry Shortcake


On the House Part 4:


Send 1 Speed Seed

Collect 3 Wool

Make 1 Blanket



Wild Goose Chase Part 1:


Collect Event Cotton

Collect 3 Wool

Make Blend Mittens in Loom


Wild Goose Chase Part 2:


Collect 2 Event Holly

Collect 6 Wheat

Make Event Winter Wreath in Craft Workstation


Wild Goose Chase Part 3:


Collect 6 Wool

Make Trousers

Make Socks


Wild Goose Chase Part 4:


Collect 4 Corn

Collect 3 Eggs

Visit 1 Neighbor


Tend the Winter Goose for up to 4 eggs!

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  1. Please fix the tomato problem we are not getting the holly.

  2. Not true about making sure your sheep are full of wool before picking tomatos to get holly. I have tried this many times, it does not work. I never ever ever get any of these special items from the Glade. Just another one of this games screw-ups. They really need to test these games before they release them. I just gave up. It is a waste of time.

  3. Can’t get cotton too. I saw someone finish so easy. but for me hard to get it .Why?

  4. There’s a problem getting holly from tomatoes there’s none being given can it be fixed

  5. I ended up buying a 3rd tomato patch (for 5 keys) and then I started getting holly. Usually about once every time I cleared the 3 patches

  6. I’m eager to know if anyone will finish this event, I’ve done my best, in the last phase now, I can’t get the event cotton, shame on zynga for making it impossible for this event, why waste our time and fill our barns for this bull crap??

  7. I’m just about finished with game! No sense in playing if it’s impossible to complete without spending a lot of real cash. Waste of time!

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