Farmville 2 Equestrian Showcase (Country Escape)

Craft goods in Farmville 2 Equestrian Showcase. Climb the Leaderboard by earning Showcase points. Climd the top to earn Charlotte permanently. Here in this guide, you will find the event items that you will need for this event. You can search and locate them easily by completing the mission. Just remember there will be 2 stage of the Equestrian Showcase Event.



You can always view your progress by clicking the Equestrian Showcase.



Earn exclusive rewards in Farmville 2 Equestrian Showcase event.

There will be 2 stage in Equestrian Showcase Event. Stage one will be available from July 5 to July 10. Stage 2 will be available from July 11 to July 15.


Multiple REWARDS can be won:




Training Area and Stables:

  • Here you can send your farm hands to search for regular and rare event items.


Where to find items for the Equestrian Showcase:

  • Molasses: Training Area & Stables, Grandma’s Glade, and Prized Animals
  • Alfalfa: Training Area & Stables, and Merryweather Mine
  • Fine Leather: Training Area & Stables, Pappy’s Pond, Mallard Mill, and the Cove.



Equestrian Showcase Quests 1


Send Farm Hands to the Training Grounds once

Use a Boost to speed ahead once

Earn 250 Showcase Points



Equestrian Showcase Quests 2


Collect 2 Molasses

Gather 2 Alfalfa

Craft 6 Flour



Equestrian Showcase Quests 3


Make 2 Horse Treats

Craft 3 Champions Cake

Make 2 Sweet Feed



Equestrian Showcase Quests 4


Bake 3 Strawberry Shortbread Bars

Whip up 5 Molasses Frostings

Bake 3 Peach Cream Cupcakes



Equestrian Showcase Quests 5


Fulfill 8 Event Orders

Earn 750 Showcase Points

Use 2 Boosts to speed ahead



Equestrian Showcase Quests 6


Make 8 Ornate Bridle

Make 6 Feed Bag

Craft 4 Riding Boots

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