Farmville 2: Fall Harvest Festival Guide

Fall Harvest Festival

Hey guys! let’s help Barbara and win some baby bottles for free in Farmville 2 Fall Harvest Festival Quests. Expect some crafting on this quests and harvesting some specific crops. Don’t forget the corns for the corn meal! The release day for this Farmville 2 Quests is on Thursday and will only be available for a week.


Good Eats, Great Treats!

Quests 1: Good Eats, Great Treats!


Water 20 Corn to use for Barbara’s Corn Meal!

Make 2 Corn Meal for Barbara’s table.

Harvest 1 Heirloom Pear Tree for the harvest table.


150 exp, 300 coins, 1 baby bottle


Errand Run!

Quests 2: Errand Run!


Collect 5 Fall Tablecloth to place on Barbara’s table.

Prune 1 Nutmeg Tree to grow some Heirloom Nutmeg Trees.

Earn 200 County Fair Point for Barbara!


175 exp, 350 coins, 1 baby bottle


Baking Bonanza!

Quests 3: Baking Bonanza!


Harvest 1 Fig Tree to gather figs!

Make 2 Cranberry Bread for the bake-off!

Make 1 Seaweed Salad for the dessert!


200 exp, 400 coins, 1 baby bottle


Fall Fest!

Quests 4: Fall Fest!


Collect 5 Fall Plate to decorate Barbara’s table.

Make 8 Apple Juice to add as a drink for the table.

Make 1 Pumpkin soup for a cool fall day.


225 exp, 450 coins, 1 baby bottle


Bake-off part Deux

Quests 5: Bake-off part Deux


Fertilize 13 White Lily to decorate the table.

Make 3 Banana Cream to enter into the semifinal challenge.

Make 1 White Lily Pin to start the semifinal baking!


250 exp, 500 coins, 1 baby bottle


Super Semi-Finals!

Quests 6: Super Semi-Finals!


Make 5 Heirloom Double Fertilizer Rake for Barbara!

Make 1 Carrot Bread to feed yourselves while you bake!

Make 2 Banana Cream Pie to finish the Semi-finals!


275 exp, 500 coins, 1 baby bottle

Fantastic Final Baking Challenge!

Quests 7: Fantastic Final Baking Challenge!


Collect 5 Apple Basket to collect apples!

Gather 4 Heirloom Pecan for your Heirloom Pecan Muffins!

Make 3 Heirloom PecMuffin for your final entry!


300 exp, 550 coins, 1 baby bottle


Delicious Desserts!

Quests 8: Delicious Desserts!


Fertilize 10 Acorn Squash for the judges.

Feed 4 Adult Goat to tend to them.

Make 2 Heirloom Apple Pie to say thank you!


325 exp, 600 coins, 1 baby bottle

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