Farmville 2 Fitness First Quest Guide

Mission Objective: The FarmVillathon is in full swing in Farmville 2 Fitness First Quests! I never thought it’ll be so popular! Here you can find all the information about this Farmville 2 Quests. You can see in advance the tasks that you will need to complete. The quests is available from May 16 to May 30.

Quest 1: A Winner in the Making


Place FarmVillathon Workshop
Collect 15 Water
Fertilize 15 Love in a Mist

Quest 2: Shake It Off


Get 5 Post-Workout Shakes
Feed 5 Adult Chickens
Make 3 Love in a Mist Medals


Quest 3: O-live Forever


Harvest 4 Olive Trees
Feed 5 Adult Cows
Have your Kid or Sweetie do 1 Foraging Job


Quest 4: Weight For It


Get 5 Pink Dumbbells
Gather 20 Power
Make 4 Apple Juices


Quest 5: Ready for Stuffing


Gather 15 Fur Trims
Harvest 5 Apple Trees
Make 3 Salted Stuffed Eggplants


Quest 6: Comfort First


Feed 4 Adult Ram
Make 5 Papyrus Sandles
Make 5 Orange Clay Pots


Quest 7: Hop, Skip and Lift


Collect 5 Elastic Ropes
Feed 8 Adult Horses
Go Fishing 5 Times


Quest 8: Minor Truffle


Tend your Spinning Wheel 2 Times
Harvest 30 Sunflowers
Make Rustic Truffle Oil Breads

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