Farmville 2 Holiday Stocking Station

Join Marie in this Farmville 2 Special Feature as you will build the Holiday Stocking Station. Earn rewards just by collecting furs. There will be 3 type of furs to collect and you can obtain by feeding the following animals: Deer, Reindeer or Buffalo. So start raising these animals in preparation for this event.



Building the Holiday Stocking Station:

When we enter the game a message will appear informing us about the new feature and then we will need to place the uncomplete Holiday Stocking Station.


We will need to build your Holiday Stocking Station. Your first step is to collect Building Materials. You will need the following items to start building your Holiday Stocking Station.

  • Wicker Stacks
  • Red Ribbons
  • Green Hooks



To collect Wicker Stacks, click on the “Post” button to post to your Facebook wall; you will get the parts when your Friends click on it, or when you click on a similar newsfeed post.

Click on the “Ask” button to send requests for Red Ribbons and Green Hooks to your Neighbors. If you do not wish to wait for your Friends, you can skip any of these tasks for Farm Bucks.

Red Ribbon Green Hooks


Reminder: You can post a request or ask your friends for the parts every 18 hours.


Once you have collected the required items, click on the “Start Building” button at the bottom of the construction menu.


Now that the Holiday Stocking Station is almost complete, you will need a little help from your Neighbors to finish the job. The Holiday Stocking Station requires four additional helpers, so click on the “Ask Friends” button to send some crew requests to your Friends. When they accept, you will see the spots in the Build Menu begin to fill. If you do not wish to wait for your Friends, click on the “Hire One” button to purchase crew members with Farm Bucks.

Once you gathered all the helpers you can finish the Holiday Stocking Station.

Holiday Stocking Station


Earning Rewards:

In order to earn some great prizes you will need to gather FUR’s. There are three types of fur to collect. They are:

Cream Fur Silver Fur Gold Fur

You can collect these fur’s from Deer, Buffalo or Reindeer

Fur Animals Farmville 2


When you collected enough fur you can win this final reward a Baby White Icelandic Horse

Baby White Icelandic Horse

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