Farmville 2: How to become VIP and it’s Benefits

The Farmville 2 VIP feature has just started rolling out. Players who happens to receive this notice has now the option of becoming one. Here we will show you the steps on becoming a Farmville 2 VIP member plus the benefits you can get by becoming one. We will also show the the list of items you can get, bonuses and more.





1. How much will the monthly VIP Subscription cost?
The monthly plan will cost $19.


2. How often will I receive grants when signing up to be a VIP?
You will receive grants once per Week.


3. Where will the VIP Membership be available?
To become a VIP Farmer you need to subscribe while on Facebook, it is not possible to subscribe via


4. Will it be available to all players to become a VIP Farmer?
This feature is being rolled out slowly to Farmers, due to this some Farmers will not see this feature on their Farms yet.


5. What will I receive exactly?
1 new and exclusive Animal each month
35 Farm Bucks and 10 Water each week
20% Extra Favors for completing Order Board tasks


6. Will there be a signup Bonus when I become a VIP Farmer?
Yes! There is a 10 Baby Bottles sign up Bonus

7. When will I receive my first delivery?
Your VIP Farmer Status starts when you make the first purchase and with that you will immediately receive your first delivery.


8. What happens should I not visit my Farm for a week?
The items you missed will automatically be added to your next delivery!


9.How often will I be charged for my VIP Subscription?
You will be charged once a month while your VIP Subscription is active.


10. How do I become a Silver VIP Member?
To upgrade from Bronze Status to Silver you need to be subscribed for 4 continuous months.


11. What is the difference between Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Status?
The higher your Status the more extra Benefits you will receive for being a VIP Member. For example once you upgrade to Silver you will receive your Bronze Benefits plus Unlimited Free Crew! Come back to this article to see updates on the Gold and Platinum Benefits.


12. How do I become a VIP Member?
To join the VIP Plan click on Sign up in the Message of the Day or click on Subscription in the task bar above your Farm.


13. How can I update my payment method?
To update your payment option click on the VIP Subscriptions Tab above your Farm, click on Subscription Details and select Update under Payment Method.


14. What happens if I want to cancel my Subscription?
You can cancel your Subscription at any point. By accessing the VIP Subscriptions Tab above your Farm, click on Subscription Details and select Cancel Subscription. Once you clicked on Cancel Subscription you will receive the following pop-up:

Should you select Cancel Subscription we will ask you to confirm your cancellation in a separate pop-up


15. Will my VIP Farmer Status be canceled immediately when I cancel my Subscription?
No, you will continue to receive all benefits until the next renewal date of your Subscription at which point your plan will expire.


16. Will I keep my progression for the VIP Farmer Status if I re-subscribe while my Status had not expired?
Should you decide to reinstate your VIP Farmer Membership before your current Status expires you will continue your progression for the VIP Farmer Status.


17. Will I keep my progression for the VIP Farmer Status if I re-subscribe after my Status had expired?
Should your VIP Farmer Membership have expired before you join again you will start a new membership and your continuous months begin anew again.

More information about the Farmville 2 V.I.P.

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  1. I would very muchliketo be a vip member. I have asked many times.i dont have a link, I dont have a top hat. Could you please send the link to join.

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