Farmville 2: Martha Stewsworth Guide

Martha Stewsworth

There will be a new mission coming next and it will be Farmville 2 Martha Stewsworth Quests. There will be 8 stage to complete and we have here a preview of the missions. The goal is to help Barbara and Walter who are going on a fishing trip.


Very Non-Dairy

Quest 1: Very Non-Dairy
Feed 8 Adult Chicken for fresh eggs!
Fertilize 40 Soybean.
Make 15 Soy Milk for Martha!
Reward: 150 exp 300 coins

Back to Our Roots

Quest 2: Back to Our Roots
Collect 5 Vegetable Peeler for the potatoes.
Water 40 Potato for the salad.
Make 10 Potato Salad for our guest.
Reward: 250 exp 400 coins

Lay of the Land

Quest 3: Lay of the Land
Tend your Spinning Wheel 2 times.
Complete 3 Orderboard order.
Make 3 Stuffed Perch to teach Martha about fishing.
Reward: 350 exp 500 coins

Lil' Luncheon

Quest 4: Lil’ Luncheon
Collect 5 Pepper Grinder.
Make 10 Soy Milk for Martha.
Make 10 Hushpuppy as a snack.
Reward: 450 exp 600 coins

Cottage Industry

Quest 5: Cottage Industry
Gather 4 Fine Fur.
Make 5 Fine Fur Pillow.
Make 10 Plush Burlap Pillow.
 Reward: 550 exp 700 coins

We've got a Great Weave

Quest 6: We’ve got a Great Weave
Superfeed 2 Adult Donkey to get Burlap.
Make 1 Burlap Flower out of Burlap.
Make 1 Burlap Jar out of Burlap.
Reward: 650 exp 800 coins

Plaque Attack

Quest 7: Plaque Attack
Collect 5 Metal Plate for making a plaque.
Make 10 Sheep Salt & Pepper Shakers as gifts.
Make 5 Lavender Paper as gift wrap.
Reward: 750 exp 900 coins

Most for the Host

Quest 8: Most for the Host
Harvest 50 Raspberry.
Make 10 Raspberry Jelly Doughnuts.
Make 3 Heirloom Walnut Pinwheel
Reward: 850 exp 1000 coins

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