Farmville 2 Matchmaker, Matchmaker Quest Guide

Mission Objective: This Summer is full of young romance! Have you noticed? in Farmville 2 Matchmaker, Matchmaker Quests. You can find here all the information you will need about this Farmville 2 Quest. Complete this quests ahead and win the rewards. The Farmville 2 Matchmaker, Matchmaker Quests is available from August 8 to 22.


Quest 1: A Few Of My Favorite Things


Gather 15 Water
Water 15 Peruvian Lilies
Feed 3 Adult Goats


Quest 2: Following Breadcrumbs


Collect 5 Clue Boxes
Feed 5 Adult Horses
Make 4 Peruvian Lily Bouquets


Quest 3: Don’t Forget to Remember


Perform 10 Neighbor Actions
Feed 3 Adult Ram.
Do 1 Cave Exploring Job


Quest 4: Setting The Table


Collect 5 Picnic Mats
Harvest 20 Tomatoes
Make 3 Pumpkin Soups


Quest 5: Quite The Mastermind


Gather 20 Mango’s
Feed 3 Adult Alpaca’s
Make 4 Blue Handkerchiefs


Quest 6: Chivalry Is Not Dead


Gather 20 Hedgehog Mushroom
Harvest 5 Lemon Trees
Make 5 Feather Charms


Quest 7: In The Pic-Nick of Time


Collect 5 Snack Baskets
Harvest 5 Apple Trees
Go Fishing 5 Times


Quest 8: Playing Along


Tend your Mud Wallow 2 Times
Harvest 30 Strawberries
Make 4 Cranberry Charlotte

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