Farmville 2 Mini Barn Preview

Build your Farmville 2 Mini Barn in your farm this Tuesday. Collect building materials from your friends and hire your friends to build the Mini Barn. You will be tending a confused baby cow and baby mini cow. Make a home for a sweet baby cow on your farm

New Building:







New building parts for Mini Barn

Baby Cow Mobile


Barn Roof Tile


Cow-Print Cushion



New recipe for you to prepare.

Hoof Care Kit


Milk Sippy Cup


Creep Feeder


Earthen Table Lamp


City Magnet


Feather Stationery


Feather Hair Clip


Shell Curtain



Quests items for the The Walter Intervention:

Accounting Ledger


Set of Stamped Envelopes


Business Writing Guide


New Animal Rewards:

Evolene Cow



Charbray Mini Cow



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