Farmville 2 Mum’s The Word Quest Guide

Mission Objective: Gus’ Mommies’ Retreat has helped me come up with a fantastic idea in Farmville 2 Mum’s The Word Quests. You can find all the information you will need  in completing this mission in this guide. The Farmville 2 Mum’s The Word Quests is available from the May 1 to 15.

Quest 1: Berry Ready


Water 15 Tortoise Berries
Harvest 15 Tortoise Berries
Buy any 2 Baby Animals



Quest 2: Pollen Together


Get 5 Allergy Pills
Feed 2 Adult Hedgehogs
Perform 10 Neighbor Actions



Quest 3: Shade With Love


Collect 5 Premium Permits
Use 3 Farm Hands
Do 1 Cave Exploring Job



Quest 4: Saddle Up


Get 5 Saddle Cushions
Feed 4 Adult Horses
Make 5 Wool Paddings


Quest 5: Under The Sun


Feed 3 Adult Mini Donkeys
Harvest 5 Lemon Trees
Make 3 Sunflower Pots



Quest 6: A Few Cards Short


Raise 3 Baby Pigs
Make 3 Felt Burlap Pillows
Make 3 Craft Papers



Quest 7: Banner Planner


Collect 5 Pocket Banners
Make 4 Metal Signboards
Go Fishing 5 Times



Quest 8: Loaf Support


Gather 5 Premium Permits
Make 4 Strawberry Lemonades
Make 4 Rustic Truffle Oil Breads

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