Farmville 2 New Summer Picnic Items

New Farmville 2 New Summer Picnic Limited Edition items soon will be available at the market. See the preview image of the soon to be released new items.


New Limited Edition Trees:

Dove FlowerDove Flower

Dove Flower


Sweetheart Country Cherry TreeSweetheart Cherry

Sweetheart Country Cherry Tree


Honey Mesquite TreeHoney Mesquite Tree

Honey Mesquite Tree


New Limited Edition Animals:


Bentheim Black Pied PigBentheim Black Pied Pig

 Bentheim Black Pied Pig

Brown Garganica GoatBrown Garganica Goat

 Brown Garganica Goat

Cotton Patch GooseCotton Patch Goose

Cotton Patch Goose


New Limited Edition Recipes:




Banana Passion Fruit Pie

Banana Passion Fruit Ice Cream, Banana Passion Fruit Pie

Honey Mesquite Molasses Sweetheart Country Cherry Pie
Honey Mesquite Molasses, Sweetheart Country Cherry Pie
Banana Passion Fruit Smoothie Banana Passion Fruit Yogurt

Banana Passion Fruit Smoothie, Banana Passion Fruit Yogurt




Dove Flower Bookmark Dove Flower Tote Bag
Dove Flower Bookmark, Dove Flower Tote Bag

Dove Wreath

Dove Wreath

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