Farmville 2 Night of the Owls Quest Guide

Quests 1: Farmville 2 Dark Flights

[alert style=”white”]Barbara is bothered by the owls in Farmville 2 Night of the Owl Quests. Perhaps we can help her appreciate them more in this new Farmville 2 Quests that is coming this Tuesday. Attract these Owls for they can help your trees to speed up it’s growth and harvest faster.[/alert]


Have an Owl House

Harvest 15 Corn

Feed 3 Adult Chickens

Dark Flights


30 exp, 300 coins


Quests 2: Farmville 2 Learning about Owls

[alert style=”white”]Learning about owls means coming to like them.[/alert]


Collect 5 Owl Facts

Tend your Goat Shelter 2 times

Make 3 Goat Cheese Tart

Learning about Owls


35 exp, 350 coins


Quests 3: Farmville 2 Wisdom of Owls

[alert style=”white”]I’ve been reading stories about owls since we talked about Halloween. Sometimes the owls are not what they seem![/alert]


Raise 1 Baby Duck

Tend your Pig Pen 2 times

Feed 6 Adult Cows

Wisdom of Owls


40 exp, 400 coins


Quests 4: Farmville 2 Silent Flights

[alert style=”white”]Owls are almost magical in their silent flight, but it’s no magic. It’s a special feather![/alert]


Collect 5 Silent Owl Feather

Harvest 5 Radicchio

Make 1 1 Owl Treat

Silent Flights


45 exp, 450 coins


Quests 5: Farmville 2 Grin and Bear It

[alert style=”white”]Perhaps they want to see how good a caretaker you are? Let’s show them![/alert]


Make 4 Wool Teddybear

Tend your Sheep Shack 2 times

Feed 6 Adult Horse

Grin and Bear It


50 xp, 550 coins


Quests 6: Farmville 2 Don’t Get Bogged Down

[alert style=”white”]She just doesn’t appreciate them, but I’m glad you’re welcoming them here![/alert]


Make 3 Strawberry Angel Food Cake

Tend your Fertilizer Bin 2 times

Feed 6 Adult Goats

Don't Get Bogged Down


70 xp, 650 coins


Quests 7: Farmville 2 Illumination

[alert style=”white”]As nocturnal creatures, they really shine in the dark. Not literally, of course.[/alert]


Collect 5 Spotting Lantern

Make 5 Pointy Garden Fence

Harvest 8 Peach Tree



90 xp, 900 coins


Quests 8: Farmville 2 Bigger the Better

[alert style=”white”]Autumn makes me hungry for certain things, I’ll bet you’re the same.[/alert]


Make 3 Three Tier Pumpkin Pie

Harvest 30 Giant Pumpkin

Tend 3 Prized Chicken Coop

Bigger the Better


120 xp, 1100 coins

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