Farmville 2 Nostalgia Extravaganza! Quests Guide

Mission Objective: Barbara has been reminiscing of the Corn Queen’s Court of her childhood in Farmville 2 Nostalgia Extravaganza! Quests. Here on this  post you will see a complete information of this Farmville 2 Quests. The Nostalgia Extravaganza is available from July 18th to August 1st.


Quest 1: Flower Trip


Water 15 Spider Flower
Feed 4 Adult Cows
Harvest 15 Eggplant


Quest 2: If You Build It, They Will Come!


Get 5 Handyman Toolkits
Fertilize 15 Onions
Make 3 Spider Flower Wreath


Quest 3: An Open Invitation!


Perform 10 Neighbors Actions
Harvest 4 Apple Tree
Do 1 Cave Exploring Job


Quest 4: Raise Your Banner!


Get 5 Corn Queen Banners
Feed 6 Adult Horses
Make 4 Fluffy Batters


Quest 5: Curtain Call!


Collect 30 Piece of Wood
Feed 3 Adult Donkeys
Make 3 Brown Drapes


Quest 6: From Way Back When!


Harvest 20 Spider Flowers
Make 2 Spider Flower Vases
Make 4 Blueberry Cheesecake


Quest 7: For The Record!


Collect 5 Corn Queen Vinyls
Feed 2 Adult Ducks
Go Fishing 5 times


Quest 8: Amusement Parka!


Tend your Spinning Wheel 2 Times
Harvest 4 Fig Trees
Make 3 Parka Coats

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