Farmville 2 Oh Those Summer Nights Quests Guide

Farmville 2 Oh Those Summer Nights Quests

Quest 1: Farmville 2 Evening Light

[alert style=”white”]Summer in FarmVille 2 Quests means warm nights outside with the stars and dancing fireflies. So let’s reminisce in Farmville 2 oh, those summer nights.[/alert]


Fertilize 20 Crops

Harvest 4 Lemon Trees

Make 4 Lemonade

Farmville 2 Evening Light


30 exp, 300 coins


Quest 2: Farmville 2 That Bugs Me

[alert style=”white”]All the kids like to come out too on this Farmville 2 Firefly Quests! Oh, and also the bugs! Don’t worry, I know what to do.[/alert]


Collect 5 Mosquito Spray

Feed 4 Sheep

Make 4 Felt Roll

Farmville 2 That Bugs Me


35 exp, 350 coins


Quest 3: Farmville 2 The Light is a Jar

[alert style=”white”]Of course we let the fireflies go, but it’s awfully fun to catch them![/alert]


Harvest 1 Chicken Coop

Feed 4 Adult Pigs

Make 1 Small Glass Jar


Farmville 2 The Light is a Jar

40 exp, 400 coins


Quest 4: Farmville 2 FarmVille Nights

[alert style=”white”]I like FarmVille Summer nights the best.[/alert]


Collect 5 Paper Lantern

Tend 25 Pink-Eyed Peas

Make 2 Pink-eyed Peas Soup

Farmville 2 FarmVille Nights


45 exp, 450 coins


Quest 5: Farmville 2 Summer Memories

[alert style=”white”]Being a kid in FarmVille is the best, especially in the Summer![/alert]


Harvest 8 Trees

Tend 4 Wells

Make 1 Plain Soap

Farmville 2 Summer Memories


50 exp, 500 coins


Quest 6: Farmville 2 Upon a Star

[alert style=”white”]The problem around here is here are so many stars, I don’t know which one to wish on![/alert]


Tend 1 Goat Shelter

Feed 4 Adult Rabbits

Make 1 Glass Firefly Charm

Farmville 2 Upon a Star


70 exp, 650 coins


Quest 7: Farmville 2 Lemonade Cubed

[alert style=”white”]Lemonade is great, but we can make it colder and better than ever.[/alert]


Collect 5 Metal Ice Cube Tray

Harvest 25 Strawberries

Make 3 Strawberry Lemonade

Farmville 2 Lemonade Cubed


90 exp, 900 coins


Quest 8: Farmville 2 The Heat Goes On

[alert style=”white”]I’m glad we still have pleny of Summer left![/alert]


Harvest 4 Pine Trees

Feed 4 Adult Horses

Make 2 Hand Mirrors

Farmville 2 The Heat Goes On


120 exp, 1100 coins

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5 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Oh Those Summer Nights Quests Guide

  1. The first task in Quest 5 should read “Harvest 8 Trees”. They do not have to be Apricot.

  2. Step 5 I have “Harvest 8 trees” instead of Apricot. Level 70 (I have noticed that in comparison to lower level friends I have it easier on some tasks?)

  3. Thanks guys for the info on the Apricot trees. It is now changed to “Trees” only.

  4. anyone else having problems making pink-eyed peas soup? game locked up when I tried to make it

  5. I am only at level 30 but even to me these quests seem pointless.

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