Farmville 2 Parading Around Quest Guide

 Parading Around

Quests 1: Celebrating Crop Diversity

[alert style=”white”] Walter is excited with the heirloom trees in Farmville 2 Parading Around Quests. Find out why while helping him on this 8 part Farmville 2 Quests. As Walter says “Why, just look at the amazing fruits and nuts you can get from Heirloom Trees!” [/alert]


Have a Toolshed

Receive 5 Pruning Shear

Craft 3 Produce Tote

Celebrating Crop Diversity


100 exp, 90 coins


Quests 2: March to a New Beat

[alert style=”white”]A good old fashioned parade is just the thing to celebrate Farmville’s amazing crops! [/alert]


Collect 5 Band Hat

Prune 4 Trees

Fertilize 3 Heirloom Trees

March to a New Beat


145 xp, 125 coins


Quests 3: The Music Man

[alert style=”white”]With a parade, people will realize Farmville’s Heirloom Trees are unbelievable![/alert]


Harvest 3 Heirloom Briancon Apricot Tree

Craft 3 Heirloom Apricot Trifle

Gather 12 Prized Tree Crop

The Music Man


190 exp, 160 coins


Quests 4: A River Runs Through It

[alert style=”white”]A parade can help us celebrate our River and its water crops too![/alert]


Collect 5 Baton

Plant 18 Watercress

Fertilize 24 Water Crop

A River Runs Through It


235 xp, 195 coins


Quests 5: Marching Along

[alert style=”white”]Recipes that use Heirloom produce aren’t just tasty – they can also be very profitable as well![/alert]


Dry 24 Crops in your Cropdryer

Craft 2 Watercress Soup

Feed 5 Adult Horse

Marching Along


280 exp, 230 coins


Quests 6: Everybody Loves a Parade!

[alert style=”white”]We need to spread the word about the Heirloom Parade! Or is it the Water Crop Parade now?[/alert]


Harvest 24 Water Crop

Harvest 9 Heirloom Trees

Tend 10 Trees

Everybody Loves a Parade!


325 exp, 265 coins


Quests 7: Blow Your Own Horn

[alert style=”white”]Heirloom Trees and Water Crops go together great in our parade![/alert]


Collect 5 Brass Bugle

Make 2 Watercress Orange Salad

Better tend your Mud Wallow 4 times

Blow Your Own Horn


370 exp, 300 coins


Quests 8: Last Band Standing

[alert style=”white”]Well, the parade is a bust but at least we’ll have something to remember our efforts.[/alert]


Craft 5 Commemorative Plate

Fertilize 4 Elder Trees

Use 4 Pruning Shear

Last Band Standing


415 exp, 335 coins

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