Farmville 2: Party with the County Guide

Farmville 2 Party with the County
Here you will find the Farmville 2 Party with the County Quests Guide. This guide will cover all of the story missions like what recipes will be crafted and which crops will be harvested. It’ll help you to plan the best possible approach inn completing the tasks for this Farmville 2 Quests ahead of the the time limit. Party with the County Quests wil be available from December 29 to January 12.


Party with the County Quests 1

Quest 1 :  Asking Around


Perform 5 helpful actions on Neighbor farms.

Collect 15 Water.

Water 15 Gac.

Asking Around


30 xp, 350 coins


Party with the County Quests 2

Quest 2 : Fire it Up!


Get 5 Sparkling Fountain.

Feed 3 Adult Rabbit.

Make 5 Buttermilk.

Fire it Up!


40 xp, 450 coins


Party with the County Quests 3

Quest 3 : Orange you Excited?


Harvest 4 Orange Tree.

Feed 4 Adult Sheep.

Have your sweetie or kid do 1 Cave Exploring job.

Orange you Excited?


50 xp, 550 coins


Party with the County Quests 4

Quest 4 : A Gander for a Banner


Get 5 New Year Banner.

Gather 20 Power.

Make 4 Feather Duster.

A Gander for a Banner


60 xp, 650 coins


Party with the County Quests 5

Quest 5 : Fig-ure It Out


Tend your Horse Stable 2 times.

Harvest 3 Fig Tree.

Make 2 Iced Fig Cake.

Fig-ure It Out


70 xp, 750 coins


Party with the County Quests 6

Quest 6 : Rest & Relaxation


Feed 4 Adult Pig.

Make 4 Chess Set.

Make 2 Juicy Dreams.

Rest & Relaxation


80 xp, 850 coins


Party with the County Quests 7

Quest 7 : Light It Up!


Collect 5 New Year Lights.

Feed 4 Adult Mini Donkey.

Go Fishing 5 times.

Light It Up!


90 xp, 950 coins


Party with the County Quests 8

Quest 8 : When One’s Not Enough


Harvest 30 Strawberry.

Tend your Cow Storage 2 times.

Make 3 Strawberry Angel Food Cake.

When One's Not Enough


110 xp, 1150 coins

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