Farmville 2 Percy Persists Quests Guide

Mission Objective: Percy think he’s falling behind in his current class in Farmville 2 Percy Persists Quests and he is a bit worried. You can find here all the information you will need in completing this mission. Plan ahead and complete this mission ahead with help from this guide. The Farmville 2 Percy Persists Quests is available from October 9 to 23.

Quest 1: Water Matters


Place your Balloon Carriage
Collect 15 Water
Water 15 Bietou Berries


Quest 2: Man With a Plan


Get 5 Time Tables
Feed 5 Adult Horses
Make 4 Bietou Berry Bars


Quest 3: In The Worst Moo-d


Harvest 6 Lemon Trees
Feed 6 Adult Mini Cows
Do 1 Cave Exploring Job


Quest 4: Block Down


Get 5 Pairs of Ear Plugs
Gather 20 Power
Make 2 Craft Papers


Quest 5: Th-ink-ing Ahead


Gather 15 Elk Milk
Harvest 6 Pecan Trees
Make 3 Blue Inkpots


Quest 6: Nap Necessities


Feed 8 Adult Donkeys
Make 6 Down Pillows
Make 6 Apple Smoothies


Quest 7: Plant Grant


Collect 5 Boxes of Microscope Slides
Feed 8 Adult Sheep
Go Fishing 5 Times


Quest 8: Party Favor


Tend your Bee Box 3 Times
Harvest 30 Strawberries
Make 4 Iced Fig Cakes

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